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    Podcasts | brain training

    Podcast Episode 155

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    When we start to understand the brain controls everything we do, think and feel then it gives us the power to positively impact any aspect of our bodies and our lives… and this is exactly what this weeks guest Scot Robinson is so passionate about.

    Scott (better known as @the.brain.guy on instagram) specialises in a brain based approach to training, movement, pain management, injury rehabilitation and anything else you can think of. You’ll understand once you listen to the podcast why having a ‘brain based approach’ gives “all of us” as Scott describes it the power to change and improve anything about our minds, bodies and lives.

    A fascinating podcast episode that we loved so much we could have gone on for another hour or more…! If you also enjoyed it and have more questions to ask just like us then get in touch as we’d love to organise a follow up episode (a part two!) to ask more of our questions and also yours!

    Get the notebooks and pens ready… and open up your mind.

    Tim & Jacko



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