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    Are you investing in your physical pension?

    By Tim Stevenson

    What is your physical pension investment strategy?

    Depending on your life stage, this is a question you will have answered or at least considered before, just in a different context. No-one I have ever met believes it’s not important to think about creating a nest egg ready for the years in your life when you no longer want or need to work.

    When you’re young, it’s easy to ignore advice from the financial experts who would suggest you ‘start investing early’ and instead tell them you have lots of years left to save. Maybe that’s true, but they would still prompt you to think about the kind of retirement you want to have because the number of years saving that you rack up, will have a significant impact on your over 65 years old quality of life.

    The same principle applies to your physical pension. By this I mean the investment you are making on a weekly and monthly basis to stop your human body from deteriorating every time you take another lap around the sun.

    Depending on your desired lifestyle, financially you might need somewhere in the (very broad) region of £500,000 to £1,000,000 to retire and maintain the standard of living you enjoy.

    But what does the physical pension equivalent look like? In the same way you need to determine the kind of financial retirement you want, you also need to decide what physical capabilities you want in the latter years of your life. Do you want to be 70 and chair-bound or 70 and still out there living life to the full?

    My physical pension plan

    Let me tell you what my physical pension plan is.

    I turned 40 in November. I have a nearly 4-year-old and my wife and I are expecting baby number 2 in March. Karen and I have been married 13 years and we waited a long time to start a family. That means that when I think of the things that are important to me and what I want our family life to be like, I have got to be very clear about what my physical pension investment strategy consists of. For example:

    • I want to be able to ski or snowboard for as long as I can.
    • I want to be able to climb mountains for as long as I can.
    • I want to travel, go on adventures and say yes to opportunities in life for as long as I can.
    • I want to be free of pain, restriction and any other physical limitation which places a hindrance on my enjoyment of life for as long as I can.
    • I want to be a father who can get after it with my kids for many, many years to come.

    I’m now crystal clear on my training ‘why’ and as such the type and style of the training I choose is now largely directed towards these things. That doesn’t mean it becomes boring and unchallenging. It just means that it becomes more generalist and less specialist.

    How do I invest in a physical pension?

    Like putting some cash in a separate account on a regular basis, investing in your physical pension is not difficult, it just requires some discipline and direction.

    You need to train in a way that:

    1. Allows you to regularly move through lots of different patterns and directions and not the same old movements over and over
    2. Moves your joints through full range of motion
    3. Promotes stability and control through full range of motion
    4. Stimulates strength development in different patterns and ranges of movement
    5. Maintains a level of fitness/conditioning
    6. Eat in a way that promotes health and longevity
    7. Builds your body up and does not excessively grind it down

    These are some of the first principles of any well-functioning human movement system. It’s not complicated but so many forms of training don’t tick all the boxes. If you want to participate in all the things that you love about life for the rest of your life, aim to get all of these things into your training programme on a regular and consistent basis.

    Just as with finances, there is always an opportunity cost and how you invest your training time is exactly the same. I could name any number of difficult physical things to pursue and achieve. A marathon time, a deadlift PB, a high-level calisthenics skill. There is nothing wrong with working to achieve these things now and in themselves, they will help with your physical pension investment. But always be aware of the opportunity cost. What are you sacrificing? The truth is, it is rarely possible for most people to have it all.

    Play the long game

    Despite the fitness industry’s seeming desire to promote the ‘more is better approach’, believe me, there is no long-term glory in beating your body up and excessively grinding it down over and over again. Don’t award yourself with a worthless badge of honour because you’re in pain all the time but ‘at least you still turn up and get the work done’.

    This would be akin to spending all your cash on material possessions now and leaving nothing for your older years. No financial advisor will tell you that this is a good idea, and as your physical advisor, I’m echoing that sentiment.

    I’ve been down the road of pushing relentlessly towards a goal. Yes, there is satisfaction and joy at the end of it but it comes at the cost of something else. My calisthenics performance improved but my life performance, my ability to be free of pain, to move well, to say yes to movement and physical opportunities with confidence diminished.

    It’s never too late to start

    At the start of 2021, I want you to spend some time thinking about your physical investment strategy like you do your financial one. Understand your ‘why’. Why do you train and what is important to you in the long-term?

    For me, it’s simple.

    I want to be old and awesome.

    So for that to become my reality, I’ve decided to double down on my physical pension investment plan now.

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