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    Podcast Episode 160

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Where your attention goes, energy flows and new neural connection grows

    Prepare to have your mind blown once again thanks to the wisdom and insight of Scott Robinson aka @the.brain.guy! In this part 2 with Scott he unpacks the power of the subconscious mind that is inside us and available to us all.

    It all starts by connecting to a deeper purpose for our lives as Scott discussed how connecting to your inner child and previous experiences can help to find your inner purpose in life. He also encourages us to raise our awareness of and acknowledge the possibility that the superconscious mind is there and available to us all. Scott states that being more present is the starting point to tap into the power of the superconscious mind – helping your to upgrade your mind!

    It’s certainly one to listen to with a note book. Some of it may challenges your current thoughts (it did ours) but we suggest you don’t make judgement just see what resonate and look to start the process of identifying your inner purpose and working towards a future best version of yourself – we certainly will be!

    As ever – thank you so so much for listening. we really appreciate your time and support of the podcast and hope this episode brings you great value as it has done to us personally.

    Tim + Jacko



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