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    Podcast Episode 167

    By David (Jacko) Jackson
    This week on the podcast we are excited to speak with The Artful Athlete, Ségolène Scheuer who is a voice, breath and language coach. We dive deep into how the voice and breath are linked to and affect our emotions and how that can have an impact on our posture how we feel and how we move.
    Ségolène towards the ends takes us through some self-massage techniques for the jaw to help release tension stored in the jaw that will not only affect how you feel but how you breathe, speak and move – it’s a great one to try, really simple but some great release from it.
    Hope you enjoy listening as much as we did speaking with Ségolène.
    Tim & Jacko

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    Jaw release on Instagram: @theartfulathlete@segovsch
    Facebook: The Artful Athlete –
    The Artful Athlete Podcast available on
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    Podcast Episode 167

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