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    Podcasts | improving recovery

    Podcast Episode 162

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Are you prioritising recovery?

    So often we spend a lot of time, energy and effort in planning, prioritising and then ‘doing’ our training but it’s actually once we recover that we adapt, improve and progress. But, we don’t put the same energy, effort and planning into our recovery. Or do you?

    When was the last time you planned specific recovery sessions or tried out a new recovery strategy?

    We hope in this podcast episode (part one of a four part series) to give you and insight and encouragement to take a more serious approach to your recovery planning and specific recovery strategies that work for you. We’ll be giving you practical advise and things you can try out to see how it impacts your own recovery throughout this series.

    We hope you find it both interesting and helpful in a practical way and ultimately hope that by helping improve our recovery we can all get more out of our training.

    Thanks for listening and we’d love to hear about any of your own recovery strategise so please do stay connected via social media Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. or email.

    Tim + Jacko



    *Link to recovery research paper that Tim mentioned – click here

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