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    Podcast Episode 165

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    This week we have the pleasure of speaking to Andrew Dettelbach better know as ‘The Shirtless Dude” on instagram. And yes you’ll be glad to know that even as we recorded the podcast Andrew did in fact have his shirt off – just a shame the podcast is only audio! Now he’d actually just finished a workout, so was primed and ready to talk all about recovery, how important it is and the specific things he does to improve his recovery.

    Not only does Andrew share the specifics of his own recovery strategies but also his philosophy on a holistic approach to looking after our bodies, both physically and mentally which obviously resonated with us and we hope it does for you too. We cover everything from sleep, nutrition, mindset and listening to what your body needs which includes creating the environment for a positive mindset and physical development.

    Surrounding yourself with people that will help you was one practical tip that isn’t one of the things you might first expect for a recovery tip but we love this message and why so many of your enjoy and benefit from being part of the online community as part of your memberships to the Virtual Classroom.

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    Tim & Jacko



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