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    Podcast Episode 163

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    When looking at simple and effective ways to improve recovery having an epsom salt bath soak is something I’ve (Jacko) been doing for nearly 20 years ever since I was introduced to the benefits during the early years of my rugby career.

    Magnesium levels is often reduced in athletes or people that train at a demanding intensity week in week out. It plays a vital role in many processes of the body and therefore restoring depleted levels can have a huge impact on our recovery time. Epsom salt by is chemical name is magnesium sulphate and been proven (see link to research below in the notes) to help replenish magnesium levels in the blood through soaking in a warm bath. It’s great for recovery and potentially one of the most relaxing things you’ll do all day!

    We speak to Aysha from Newton Wood who pride themselves on providing the high quality and pure epsom salt crystal for those looking to improve their health and recovery with the additives and fillers often found in lower quality epsom slat products.



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    Links mentioned

    Birmingham University Research Paper – click here

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    Thank you to our podcast sponsors Newton Wood

    Newton Wood are sponsoring our Recovery Series over the next five weeks on the podcast. They provide the high quality and pure 100% epsom salt crystals which has been proven to improve recovery, reduce inflammation, relax muscles and something we’ve been using for years to help improve sleep and recovery with epsom salts baths before bed.

    Get a 250g sample bag and experience the benefits from your very first epsom salt bath today – click here

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