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    Podcasts | animal flow

    Podcast Episode 168

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Did you know who was the first person to inspire Tim to learn to handstand? Who’s was the first tutorial video that he’d watch to start his own handstand journey way back in 2014?

    Well it was Mike Fitch from Animal Flow, who is known all around the world for his bodyweight training system animal flow. And not only did we have the massive privilege of having Mike on the podcast this week, its fair to say we’re calling each other ‘best friends’ now… well at least we are!

    When you’ve been in the bodyweight and movement ‘game’ as long as Mike Fitch then you know a thing or two about training! There is so much to take away from this podcast we hope that you enjoy listening as much as we did speaking to the legend and one of the founding fathers of the bodyweight movement – Mike Fitch.

    Thanks for listening

    Tim & Jacko



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    Podcast Episode 167

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