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    Podcasts | breathwork

    Podcast Episode 180

    By David (Jacko) Jackson
    From a car wreck, alcohol abuse and hitting rock bottom to changing his life around through movement and meditation. This weeks guest Arron Griffiths has an incredible story that will both tug on your heart strings as well as inspire.
    From a high flying lawyer with his own law firm his life changed and so did his attitude towards everything. Finding peace within himself through meditation and movement Arron talks us through how he’s transitioned and why he’s so passionate about helping others.
    Hope you enjoy ‘meeting’ Arron as much as we did and thanks for listening as ever.
    Tim + Jacko

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    Workshop & retreats are back in 2021!

    Yes thats right the happy news we’ve all been waiting for! As gym look to re-open in the country this month and restriction ease the School of Calisthenics workshops are going to be running from July 2021. So come join us at one of the workshops in the UK or Marbella or join a luxury retreat later in 2021.

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