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    Podcasts | doctor kickass

    Podcast Episode 170

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Mike Piekarski is a doctor of physiotherapy with probably the best name on instagram @Doctor_kickass! And he certainly knows how to kick ass having spent time working with some of the best MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) athletes in the world.

    It’s not just ‘ass kicking’ that Mike specialises in though. As a doctor of physiotherapy he specialises in putting people ‘back together’ after injury and even more importantly, making your body and joints more robust and resilient so they don’t get injured in the first place.

    Now you might not need your elbow for example to be so strong and robust that it can be protected when someone is literally trying to snap it in an MMA fight, but… the joint conditioning work that Mike uses can help us protect our joints like the shoulder and elbow that get put under a lot of strain during calisthenics training.

    Mike uses a lot of bodyweight and calisthenics style training with his clients and talks us through some specific techniques that his uses with isometric loading patterns that we can incorporate into own training help use create more resilient bodies as part of injury prevention strategies that can be an important aspect of investing in our physical pension.

    We hope you learn as much as we did from this episode with Doctor Kickass!



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