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    Why we love calisthenics coaching

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    We love coaching you


    There’s a few reasons,

    • We love being part of the process helping you towards your training goals, whether that’s working on redefining your impossible or investing in your physical pension
    • With calisthenics coaching we get to see real tangible changes in what our ‘students’ and clients can do with their bodies
    • Coaching feels like its part of our DNA – we’ve been coaching and teaching in one capacity or another since we can ever remember

    It’s not just us that loves coaching and the idea of having a coach, Bill Gates has been quoted as saying,

    Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.

    Everyone needs a coach

    Everyone needs feedback to help learn, develop and improve. The best sportsmen and sportswomen in the world even though they are the best in the world they still have a coach. Surly you’d think when you are the ‘best in the world’ there is nothing else for you to learn right? Nothing else that someone who’s not as good as you, would be able to help you with right? Wrong!

    This is the role of the coach, to provide feedback and insight that we ourselves cannot see from within. A coach is able to provide feedback and analysis from an ‘outsiders’ view point. This is different to your internal feedback that can often we obscured. And this is one area of coaching that we love to help people with.

    As coaches rather than simply saying, this is what worked for me when I was learning a handstand or human flag for example we want to learn with you. We want to see how you move, see what your ‘sticking points’ or challenges are and then provide external feedback with a coaches eye that adds value to the problem solving process that you are already immersed in.

    The reality for us is that because we started our own calisthenics journey as ex ‘broken’ rugby players with no gymnastics experience whatsoever we made so many mistakes along the way we’ve already problem solved for ourselves the challenges you’ll likely face too!

    School of Calisthenics Coaching Team

    Combine that personal experience with years of coaching calisthenics and many other sports and athletes and our passion as a coaching team for helping people and we believe we’ve created an incredible environment for learning and development. Below is a little video of what some of our students have said about the School of Calisthenics coaching.

    Finally we just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that has given us the privilege of coaching them. Whether that has been part of your virtual classroom membership, working 1-on-1 with online coaching or coming to a class, workshop or retreat we’ve enjoyed every minute of connecting with you all and very grateful to be part of the coaching process in each of your own journeys.

    Jacko & the whole School of Calisthenics coaching team


    Workshop & retreats are back in 2021!

    Come and experience the School of Calisthenics coaching team’s passion for coaching! Yes the School of Calisthenics workshops are going to be running from July 2021. So come join us at one of the workshops in the UK or Marbella or join a luxury retreat later in 2021.

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