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    Podcasts | Sophia Ruan Gushée

    Podcast Episode 172

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    When we try to be as healthy as possible in our quest to live long and happy lives we think about investing in our physical pension (as we like to call it) by thinking about how we train, how we eat and how we manage stress as part of our lifestyle. But there may be other ‘stresses’ that our in our natural environments and homes that we haven’t considered.

    Whether you have or haven’t thought about things like where your food comes from, how its packaged and what toxins might be in any food treatments to the effect of things like wifi and fire retardants in things like your mattress or the sofa that I’m sitting on right now we can all learn from an expert like Sophia Ruan Gushée.

    Sophia Ruan Gushée is an author, educator and expert in non toxic living and we had the pleasure of spending some time picking her brain about what are some of the easiest but most important steps we can take in our own homes and day to day living to reduce the exposure to toxins that can be damaging to our health and quest to live long happy lives!

    Hope you enjoyed this one as much as we did and learned some practical things you can take away and implement straight away – we certainly did!

    Tim & Jacko



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