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    Podcasts | physical pension

    Podcast Episode 177

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    You wouldn’t necessarily think that ‘investing in your physical pension’ would be something that might raise up some controversial conversations but this week things get juicy!

    As we bring this 5 part Physical Pension podcast series to a close we feel the full force of Tim’s passion for ensuring you are moving well rather than simply trashing your body. We might describe it as a ‘rant’ but at the heart of it is an encouragement to make us all think about how we are training, how we are moving when we train and question whether,

    Is what I’m doing right now serving my body in the future

    We’d love to hear your own personal thoughts on these questions so please share with us on instagram @schoolofcalisthenics

    We hope you’ve enjoyed this Physical Pension series and thank you for listening

    Tim + Jacko

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