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    Is online coaching better than everything else?

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Like most things in life and like most answers we give – it depends. Sometimes the question just does not do justice to the problem. In short, it is impossible to give a good answer to a bad question.

    Seeing as the question isn’t helpful, let’s re-frame and make it a question worth answering.

    What diagnostics from my life and training point to Online Coaching being the best thing for me?

    Ah, there we go – that feels much better! Not perfect, but at least we have got something to work with.

    Let us look at some potential diagnostics:

    Diagnostic 1: Adherence

    This must be number one.  Even though there are other fantastic resources out there, the reality is that for most of us, adhering to training without a set schedule with a feedback system built in is hard! Online Coaching with us gives you both a schedule and a feedback system with a coach.

    So, if you’re someone who fluctuates between training once a week and once a month, Online Coaching could be the best thing for you.

    Diagnostic 2: The never-ending plateau

    We have all been there, and it is a normal part of training – The Party-Pooping Plateau (It’s technical term).

    Those who tell you different will probably try and sell you some dodgy watches or some snake oil as well, but plateaus happen to both non-athletes and athletes alike. Getting stronger and fitter costs energy and the amazing survival machine of your body will always be seconding guessing whether it needs to add or subtract to conserve calories (and lots of other stuff… this isn’t a peer-reviewed scientific article, so ‘stuff’ will have to do). It has an adaptation response to stimulus and inevitably to drive more adaptation, you need to know how to apply the right stimulus.

    This is where differentiating ‘plateaus being normal’ and having ‘never ending plateaus’ come in. If you have been on the same plateau for 6 months and have hardly moved an inch, maybe Online Coaching is the best thing for you. You will be with a coach who will review your program periodically and make alterations to make sure the golden principle of progressive overload is applied alongside its best friend – enough time to recover and adapt.

    Diagnostic 3: I try everything but get nothing

    This seems to be a common one within Calisthenics practice especially. Traditional weight training normally has the strength exercise (e.g.  Bench Press or Bicep Curls – The most important, obviously) as its goal. However, this is not so with Calisthenics. Calisthenics is sexy – I mean, just look at Tim and Jacko and try and debate me on that, good luck!

    Jokes aside, Calisthenics is Beautiful Strength by definition – it’s in the name! Therefore, our training involves skill and strength.

    Unfortunately, when you throw this otherwise fantastic truth in with the fitness industry of novelty, social media highlights and quick fixes you get a Confusion McFlurry. In other words, you end up with too many flavours and your body does not know whether to regurgitate it or take it down.

    If you’ve been flagging, hand-standing, bicep curling, pistol squatting, muscle up-ing and just about everything else-ing but still can’t tie your shoe laces standing on one leg – Online Coaching may be the best thing for you!

    Our approach is Holistically YOU focused. Yes, you may want all the fancy dance moves – and we’ll get you there – but we’ll also teach you how to do it without tripping over your own laces.

    So, is Online Coaching better than everything else?

    It is up to you to decide, and here are some highlights of some people who already decided it was!

    Check out Instagram to see the progress of our Online Coaching Clients.

    Coach Seth


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