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    Podcasts | breathing

    Podcast 178

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    Richie Bostock better known as ‘The Breath Guy’ on instagram is a breath coach and author of Exhale, a book that simply breaks down not just the benefits of different breathing styles and breathwork exercises but also gives you the tools to access and change the way you breathe yourself.

    I (Jacko) really enjoyed reading ‘Exhale’ myself as part of my own breathwork journey so was excited to speak to Richie himself on the podcast and he didn’t disappoint. Sit back, relax and enjoy as we chill & breathing with ‘The Breath Guy’ and even follow along as we practise some of his favourite breathing exercises towards the end.

    Thanks again as ever for listening!

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    Buy ‘Exhale’ on amazon – here

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    Yes thats right the happy news we’ve all been waiting for! As gym look to re-open in the country this month and restriction ease the School of Calisthenics workshops are going to be running from July 2021. So come join us at one of the workshops in the UK or Marbella or join a luxury retreat later in 2021.

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