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    Podcasts | burnout

    Podcast Episode 185

    By David (Jacko) Jackson

    We love talking more and more about protecting our longevity and this weeks guest provides even more insight into how we can avoid burnout and help promote health and wellness for our body and minds.

    We excited to welcome Charlene Gisele to the Movement, Strength and Play podcast. Charlene Gisele is a primal health coach who having overcome her own burnout from her previous career as a lawyer is passionate about helping others not just avoid burnout but how to flourish in health and wellness. Charlene uses a combination of things like mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, breathwork and yoga when she is coaching clients to provide them with unique and personalised support for their body and mind. All this and more we discuss through the podcast!

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    Workshop are back in 2021!

    Yes thats right the happy news we’ve all been waiting for! As gym look to re-open in the country this month and restriction ease the School of Calisthenics workshops are going to be running from July 2021. So come join us at one of the workshops in the UK in 2021.

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