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    Home Gym Workout

    These days so many of us lead such busy lives that time is now our most important asset. Lots of people are starting to train…


    5 Best Push Exercises to Start Calisthenics

    Starting calisthenics can be difficult so helping people to do just that has always been our mission. The potential benefits of calisthenics are massive; physical…

    Articles beginner calisthenics

    What is Calisthenics Ekklesia?

    Calisthenics made its big entrance to the fitness scene with videos of groups of guys hanging around together, doing the most insane things on outdoor…

    Articles Community

    Handstands – Follow Along At Home

    Who’s ready for the World Record #HandstandChallenge next month? Don’t worry if you still need some help with your handstands because we’ve got lots more…

    Articles Handstand

    Learn With Lani

    Do you love handstands? Lani certainly does… and so do we! We love handstands so much because they are so accessible, you don’t need any…


    Beginner Ring Workout – Part 1

    The rings are an awesome piece of equipment and we’ll show you why in this beginner ring workout. We’ll show you they are extremely versatile,…

    Articles beginner ring workout

    Build Bigger Triceps With Calisthenics

    The triceps are often neglected and become weak but we are going to show you how to build bigger triceps and improve not just your…


    5 Ways To Progress Your Push Ups

    Push ups are one of the most fundamental pushing upper body movements in any form of resistance training. It’s a great basic exercise that trains…

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    It’s January we’ve all eaten a little more than maybe we would normally do over the festive period and probably trained less than we normally…

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