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    Home Workout Equipment To Start Your Calisthenics Journey

    On Monday 23 March 2020, the UK government announced its latest increase in measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. With tighter restrictions now being…


    Home Gym Workouts and Equipment

    These days so many of us lead such busy lives that time is now our most important asset and so lots more of us are…


    Podcast Episode 166

    Do We Still Use Weights & LIVE YouTube Q+A

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    Podcasts live

    3 Gymnastic Ring Exercises You’re NOT Doing But Should Be!

    The most versatile piece of equipment you can own that gives you the freedom to train almost anywhere! Gymnastic rings are a beautiful piece of…

    Articles gymnastics rings

    Leg Workouts at Home

    Calisthenics and bodyweight exercises might be perfect for a long-term, highly effective home training solution. It requires only a minimal amount of equipment and ticks…


    Get Fit At Home

    What would you do with extra money, time and freedom? What if we could give you all this and help you get fit at home?…

    David Jackson bodyweight

    Why I cancelled my gym membership

    When the clock hit 12am on 1st January, few would have envisioned the 6 months that lay ahead. Whatever it meant for you, the Covid-19…

    Articles Tim Stevenson

    Strength training for runners with Martin Yelling

    Tim joined Garmin Running Ambassador, Dr Martin Yelling, to talk about the mental and physical benefits of strength training for runners and how to add…

    Articles foundation strength

    7 Reasons Why Calisthenics Might Be For You

    Maybe you’ve stumbled on calisthenics through Instagram or a friend and seen these incredible moves where people look like they’re defying gravity and finding new…

    Articles beginner calisthenics