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    Home Workout Equipment To Start Your Calisthenics Journey

    On Monday 23 March 2020, the UK government announced its latest increase in measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. With tighter restrictions now being…


    Home Gym Workouts and Equipment

    These days so many of us lead such busy lives that time is now our most important asset and so lots more of us are…


    Follow Along At Home Workout

    A full follow along push workout you can do at home with no equipment at all. We take you through some interesting push exercise variations…

    Articles follow along

    Bodyweight Basics vs COVID-19

    We’re going to admit it, we didn’t think this would escalate as quickly as it has. When we first started hearing about the outbreak of…

    Articles bodyweight training

    Boosting immunity and relieving anxiety in the current Coronavirus crisis.

    On Episode 118 of the School of Calisthenics podcast, we once again chat with DR Sally Bell, a trained GP and Practitioner about different steps…


    Full Bodyweight Workout

    A full bodyweight workout that requires no equipment at all. Just you, your bodyweight as the resistance and a fight with gravity! Give this full…

    Articles beginner workout

    Beginner Bodyweight Workout

    Here we have a beginner bodyweight workout for you to try if you’re just getting started in calisthenics or looking to get some volume and…

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    How to write a training programme

    Knowing how to write a training programme is a science and an art. The science comes because there are agreed principles that will maximise the…

    Articles Training Science

    Home Bodyweight Workout

    This home bodyweight workout is designed for anyone to be able to do at home with no equipment necessary. Why calisthenics for a home bodyweight…

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