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Strength + Play bundle

  • Has your training got boring and you need to inject some fun and fresh challenge into your training?

  • Get two courses that give you loads of ways to get more movement, strength and play in your life.

  • Start exploring more of your physical potential now for only £67.
  • Strength + Play Tutorials
  • Strength, Play + Conditioning Workouts
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What's included?

  • Two online training programmes:
  • 60+ Tutorial Videos
  • 14 workouts, 4 Movement Preparation Follow Alongs, Breath-work + Recovery
  • Instructions on how to design your own highly effective workouts
  • Beginner to Intermediate


Do you want some variety and excitement back in your training sessions? If so the Strength + Play exercise library of tutorials is going to be a revolutionary addition to your training toolbox.

This is an extensive library of bodyweight training progressions including movement drills, push, pull, hand balancing, core and lower body exercises for you to incorporate into your current programme, or use to create a fun new programme just for you.


Bodyweight workouts designed by our team of expert coaches that will give you the freedom to play, get strong and improve your fitness.

The workouts include sessions designed to improve strength whilst you have fun learning new movements.

There are also specific conditioning programmes that can be done anywhere with minimal equipment. 
Courses included

Strength + Play Bundle

Two great programmes that will breathe new life into tired and stagnant training programmes. 

Strength + Play

Start exploring more of your physical potential through movement strength and play now.