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    Premium Resistance Bands




    The bands are great assistance ‘tools’ for things like pull ups, dips and muscle ups for example whilst you build up the strength as you progress to smaller and eventually no bands at all.

    The bands are also perfect for the mobility exercises as part of your warm up and movement preparation. They are made of 100% seamless latex and incredibly strong and durable!

    Bands sold as individuals. European Shipping also now available.

    Bands are 104cm (41 inches) long with variable resistance:

    • Red band – 1.27cm (1/2Inch) wide with a resistance of 2-16KG
    • Black band – 1.9cm (3/4Inch) wide with a resistance of 5-23KG
    • Purple band – 3cm (1 1/8 inches) wide with a resistance of 10-35 KG – Great for mobility and muscle up progression¬†
    • Green band – 4.45cm (1 3/4 inches) wide with a resistance of 20-55 KG – Great for starting muscle ups
    • Blue band – 6.35cm (2 1/2 inches) wide with a resistance of 25-70 KG

    Our bands were recently featured and recommended in the Independent newspaper!

    Additional information

    Weight 0.1 kg

    Blue, Green, Purple, Black, Red


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