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Get a bespoke individualised calisthenics training programme and work with our team of professional, highly skilled and passionate coaches.
This is individualised calisthenics training programme design and coach support at its best.
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Your individualised support package includes exclusive access to your own expert coach who will work with you on a one to one basis. We specialise in designing bespoke programmes that fit your exact needs and ensuring you feel fully supported at every stage.

Work 1-on-1 with our expert calisthenics coaches for just £99 per month (for 3 months).

What's included?

  • 1:1 support from an expert coach
  • Fully individualised programme
  • 3 months periodised training programme


Have you had limited success with online training programmes before but really want to feel the satisfaction that comes with real training progression?

If so you need an expert coach in your corner who can support you and keep you accountable to the process. Bots and AI can never replace the power that comes from working with a skilled and knowledgable coach.


Our online coaching app enables you to communicate directly with your calisthenics coach. 

Send messages, videos for feedback, voice notes and files. Getting support and encouragement from your coach has been made realy easy which means you can get the input and support you need to fast-track your progress. 

I'm two programs in now and I really have redifined my impossible, the programs have proved to be outstanding.

When I first started I was battling injury and struggled to know how to program a variety of skill goals into a weekly program. Now along with learning a bunch of new skills I'm learning how to manage volume and intensity and periodise my training to stay healthy and pain free while still pushing myself. I'm looking forward to continuing with Seth, learning more new skills, feeling stronger and healthier and and having a whole lot of fun training!
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Marty Kroon

how does it work?


Once you have signed up you will be paired with a coach that matches your requirements. Your coach will set up a time to do a live onboarding information gathering and assessment session.


Your coach will then design your individualised training programme which will be delivered to you. It will include video exercise tutorials, session details and any other information you need.


As you start your training you can stay in contact with your coach. You can also exchange videos, send voice notes and share feedback so your programme and support can be shaped according to your needs.

I am now on to my third program and as much thought, detail and consideration has gone in to this one as went in to the first! 

 The last 9/10 months of exercise haven’t been easy but they have definitely been enjoyable, I look forward to my workouts and I’ve made more progress towards my goals than I ever thought I would.
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meet the coaches


Professional Calisthenics Coach
About Seth
Seth was the pioneer behind our online coaching programmes and has a list of successful clients that sing his praises.
Seth is a coach with over a decade of experience and one of the most dedicated and supportive coaches we know. He has a depth of knowledge and experience that is rare in the health and fitness industry.

Seth has many years of experience as a personal trainer and has also led the conditioning work for a number of professional athletes around the world. This knowledge combined with his deep understanding of progressive calisthenics enables him to design highly effective programmes that create real results. 


Professional Calisthenics Coach
About Owen
Owen brings enthusiasm, fun and a lust for life that is infectious making him an absolute joy to work with. With a passion for overall health, Owen’s coaching style promotes quality of movement and holistic wellbeing to achieve your potential.
With a knowledge base gained through his participation in a range of sports his approach is adaptable but always seeking to promote physical development and optimum performance. Investing in our bodies as our best and most valuable asset. 

His genuine passion for calisthenics and a firm belief in the symbiosis of mind and body, he finds bodyweight training offers a complete package. He’s embracing his own journey and working towards self-mastery.

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