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    Seminar for Coaches

    Learn to coach calisthenics.

    In October we’re going to be running a seminar to equip individuals working in the sports performance and health and fitness industry with the knowledge and skills to coach progressive calisthenics training.

    This course is for physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers and yoga instructors or anyone else who wants to start using calisthenics with their clients.

    The School of Calisthenics team will present the exercise science with research and practice based evidence to support knowledge development. The seminar will also have a significant practical component where coaches will improve their own calisthenics skills and their ability to get hands on an teach them to other people.

    Seminar Overview

    The seminar will provide participants with an overview of the key physiological principles of human movement and explain why understanding the integration between them is important in effectively coaching movement through calisthenics.

    The team will introduce the School of Calisthenics Framework that will provide you with a road map to coach any bodyweight movement. This will include how to effectively prepare for a calisthenics session in order to optimise movement quality, skill acquisition allowing clients to move in new ways and strength development.

    We’ll also explore the potential that calisthenics has to improve overall human movement along how it can enhance stability and performance of the upper limbs. Participants will be equipped to apply this knowledge to support a wide variety of client demographics and improve results in a range of training formats or environments, whether that be sports performance or health and fitness.

    The seminar will feature blend of theoretical presentation and practical training through which you will develop your own calisthenics training.

    UPDATE: The 2018 Coaching Calisthenics Seminar sold out in 3 days so we’ll be adding more dates for 2019 very soon.