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    At the School of Calisthenics we want to celebrate success and share with everyone as a source of inspiration and motivation. So we’re really proud to introduce you to our graduates.

    These people have taken on the challenge of learning to move in a new way using one of our guides and through progressive and consistent training they have redefined their impossible.

    If you would like to join The School of Calisthenics Alumni send us a video of your calisthenics achievements on your preferred social media platform and we’ll immortalise you as a graduate in the School of Calisthenics hall of fame!

    See a full selection of students over the previous months and years that have redefined their impossible with our help.

    Graduation evidence requirements

    Every school has standards and ours is no different. To graduate from a specific movement class such as the handstand, human flag or muscle up we want you to send us a video that you are happy with. One that you can be proud of. We don’t demand perfection because that is subject to individual preference and bias. We want you to show us the result of your hard work and the journey you have been on, because we are all different and success is whatever you determine it to be.

    Please record the video in landscape mode as it makes for a much more enjoyable viewing experience for your adorning fans (i.e. us and everyone who takes inspiration from you)!

    Also please send us a little message about how it feels to redefine your impossible!

    School of Calisthenics Alumni

    Hey guyz i'm from cape verde. I started my handstand journey 5 months ago, but only started following your tips like 3 months and it was so much better for me. Thank you for the help!

    Midana Miranda

    I just redefined my impossible! This has been in my head for over a year, and now it’s mine thanx to hard work AND the School of Calisthenics for their guidance and coaching. In this case it was to take down the numbers of sessions and get enough rest! Quality over quantity!

    Trude Stormer Vinje

    I redefined my impossible of the bar muscle up! Thanks guys, the content and support you provide first class.

    Simon Keight Bar Muscle Up

    As Stephan Labossiere said, “God doesn’t require perfection, he requires progression.” Thanks to your amazing content I’ve redefined my impossible of the Human Flag and it feels amazing! Looking forward to achieving many more! Thank you guys.

    Amir Salloum

    See All Graduate Stories

    Tim and Jacko are brilliant at providing different cues that can prove to be the key to unlocking particular movements at an individual level, aptly demonstrated by the fact that people visibly experience incredible progress irrespective of starting ability and physical make up.

    Matt Earp