Welcome to the #HandstandChallenge where we need your help to become World Record Holders together!

On the 23rd June 2018 it’s ‘International Handstand Day‘ and we need your help to break a Handstand world record! We need over 400 people to come to Nottingham in the United Kingdom and hold a 15 second handstand with us…!

The ‘Handstand For Beginners’ Guide is designed specifically to help you learn to get up quickly into a handstand and hold it for the required time! It may seen like an impossible challenge but how about you help us Redefine Our Impossible?

I’m interested in more information on the #HandstandChallenge, please send me some more information about the world record attempt to my email below!

Once signed up we will send you all the details, help and advice you’ll need to become a world record holder with us on 23rd June 2018!

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