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    The FREE School Social event took place on 14 June 2020 and looked a little different due to the Corona Virus outbreak.

    Something that’s really important to us at the School of Calisthenics is you guys; the community of awesome people that have joined us on the journey of redefining our impossible.

    We not only believe in giving back to our amazing community but also want to create opportunities for events that allow connection and friendships to form and develop within the community.

    That’s what our annual FREE School of Calisthenics Social is all about – just this year we did it online via Instagram LIVE!

    Community is an integral part of the School of Calisthenics

    Podcast LIVE on Instagram, Sunday 14 June 2020

    Although we couldn’t meet in person, here in our home town of Nottingham, we had a blast via Instagram Live as we brought our podcast to life for you to join in from the comfort of your own home.

    For the School of Calisthenics PODCAST LIVE we brought together some of the best guests from our popular (5*) podcast for you to be able to ask questions and interact with and most importantly get to experience the different things each awesome guest brings to the party!

    Over the coming weeks, we’ll be updating this page adding the video recordings with each guest from the Podcast Live. 

    Introducing our guests…

    Brian Keane – Author of The Fitness Mindset

    Brian has been leading the way in health, fitness and mindset for many year. His energy is infection and is an expert in fitness, mindset, body composition and has done some incredible fitness challenges himself like the Sahara Ultra Marathon.

    Brian joined us on our podcast episode 85 – you can listen back here

    Follow on Instagram @Brian_keane_fitness

    Ollie Frost – Movement and mobility expert

    Ollie is our ‘Masterclass’ mobility coach at the School of Calisthenics. A former rugby player himself like Tim & Jacko he’s been on a journey to improving his movement capacity with amazing feats of mobility. He works online with clients and is here to answer your mobility questions as we as give you the chance to follow along with some mobility exercises during the session.

    Ollie joined us on our podcast episode 112 – you can listen back here

    Follow on Instagram @olliefrostpt

    Watch video recording below.

    Richie Norton – Health hacker, yoga teacher and lifestyle architect

    Richie Norton aka The Strength Temple brings a unique collaboration of movement, yoga, breath work and mindfulness. During the session you’ll have the chance to pick his brains on all these subjects as well as follow Richie through some of his favourite elements to his practice.

    Richie joined us on our podcast episode 88 – you can listen back here

    Follow on Instagram @richienorton_

    Watch video recording below.

    Ollie Marchon – Strength and Conditioning Coach, founder of Professional Fitness Coach Association and owner of Marchon (gym)

    Ollie has a unique relationship with Tim having had Tim as a tutor and mentor when he was training to become a strength and conditioning coach. Since then, he’s started his own gym, the Professional Fitness Coach Association and leads by example with his own training. The guy is an absolute machine, eats assault bikes for breakfast and will be joining us to answer all your questions on strength, conditioning and fitness as well as giving you a workout challenge to have a go at yourself!

    Ollie joined our podcast episode 77 – you can listen back here

    Follow on Instagram @olliemarchon

    Tony Riddle – The Natural Life-Stylist

    Tony’s mantra is just because we can’t all live in nature, doesn’t mean we can’t live naturally. He’s an advocate of ground-based living (no chairs in his house) and bare foot running (he’s ran from Lands end to John O-Groats barefoot and nasal breathing the whole way). You get the chance to ask questions about his philosophy on natural lifestyle in the modern word, get tips on barefoot running and try out some of Tony ‘ground-based living’ postures whilst you watch at home.

    Tony joined our podcast episode 106 – you can listen back here

    Follow on Instagram @thenaturallifestylist

    Patrick McKeown – Author of the Oxygen Advantage

    Patrick McKeown fast become Jacko’s new favourite ‘pin up boy’ after he read the book Oxygen Advantage and changed the way he breathes forever. During this session Patrick will talk you through his breathing techniques, test your own breathing mechanics and breath-hold scores as well as try some of the breathing exercises that he outlines in his book that could just change your life!

    Patrick joined our podcast episode 121 – you can listen back here

    Follow on Instagram @oxygenadvantage

    Dr Sally Bell – Functional Medicine Doctor

    We’ve not had many guests on the podcast twice but Dr Sally Bell was so good and we had so many follow up questions to her first interview that we had to get her on again for a third time! The Podcast Live event wouldn’t be complete without her. Covering all things health and wellness related, Dr Sally will explain her approach to functional health, answer your questions live and give you advice on lifestyle changes you can make to improve your overall health and happiness.

    Listen back to our podcast episodes with Dr Sally Bell;

    Follow on Instagram @DrSallyBell

    Jonathan Last – Handstand Mastery

    When you think of the best handstands in the world only one person springs to mind for us! What Jonathan can’t do whilst upside down on his hands isn’t worth learning. He warms up with single-arm handstands and variations the rest of us only dream of. Over the years Jonathan has become a great friend of the School of Calisthenics and we look forward to having him join us to answer your handstand questions live as well as give some demonstrations, help and advice to those of you working on your handstands.

    Jonathan joined our podcast episode 87 – you can listen back here

    Follow on Instagram @jonathan_last

    Glen Stewart – Director of Performance at the National Circus

    A former gymnast himself, Glen turns his hand to coaching gymnastics and has been Director of Performance at the National Circus for many years now. He has a wealth of experience teaching and coaching across a number of circus disciplines and will be giving you the chance to learn about juggling skills for those that want to take part in this practical session. Just have a few things handy that you can throw in the air and don’t mind dropping… tennis balls work well (it doesn’t have to be specific juggling balls).

    Glen joined our podcast episode 79 – you can listen back here

    Follow on Instagram @glenastewart

    Watch video recording below.

    Charlotte Henshaw – Paralympic Athlete and World Champion

    Former Paralympic swimmer now Para-canoe World Champion, Charlotte Henshaw was one of the first Paralympic athletes Tim and Jacko coached whilst she was still a swimmer. Having experience of working with both Tim and Jacko as strength and conditioning coaches, she will shed light on the unique way they worked and coached together and well as some of the personal experiences within sport that she has overcome to help and encourage you with redefining your impossible.

    Charlotte joined our podcast 53 – you can listen back here

    Follow on Instagram @chenshawgb

    WeMove – Chris and and James from Health and Wellness World

    Chris and James are dedicated to equipping you with ideas, solution and tools to live to your potential; mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. During the session, we’ll be talking further into breath work and cold water immersion, giving you the chance to answer questions on these topical health subjects as well as have a go under instruction of Chris and James… ice bath at the ready if you have one!

    WeMove joined our podcast episode 81 – you can listen back here

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