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    At the School of Calisthenics we are passionate about teaching you more about exercise science and your training so you can plan, design and write your own programmes.

    However we also know that sometimes you need some additional support and guidance from our experienced coaching team so we have created a range of online programming and coaching options for you.

    If you need some extra guidance and expertise to fast-track the journey to redefining your impossible, then we’re here to help.

    What our students are saying...

    The guys from the school popped up on my facebook feed showcasing some amazingly cool looking moves that I instantly dismissed as impossible for me. I went back to the same old gym routines, but suddenly lifting a bar up and down didnt seem as appealing so I dived into the wonderful world of calisthenics. Thanks to the personalised programme and the online coaching support under the expert eye of Seth, I am seeing real results and doing things I thought I was too old and not strong enough to start doing! Most importantly I am enjoying and relishing my training like never before, my mental and physical wellbeing is the best it has ever been and for this I cannot thank you enough!

    I thought I was too old and not strong enough to start, but now I'm enjoying and relishing my training like never before! - Stephen Morton

    Option one: Personalised programme design

    An individualised 12 week periodised training programme specific to your goals, training background and lifestyle.

    The option starts with you completing a short information gathering questionnaire so your coach can get some background information before you have a one-to-one-video call. In this you’ll go into more detail covering your training history, individual requirements around training frequency, equipment etc and set some goals.

    With all this information your coach will use their experience and expertise to design a bespoke program that, with your adherence and consistent training will yield results.

    All programmes as supported with video coaching tutorials of each exercise included and can be accessed easily so you know exactly what to do to maximise your results.


    • PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) fact finding questionnaire
    • one-to-one video information gathering conversation
    • Personalised 12 week programme designed specifically to your needs and calisthenics goals
    • All exercises in your programme explained via video coaching tutorials

    Buy your online personalised programme design package now

    Option two: Personalised programme design and four hours coaching support

    Adding one-to-one coaching support to your individualised calisthenics training programme will have a big impact on your progression and success.

    Having a coach on hand to give feedback, guidance and adjust your programme inline with your specific needs and progression will speed and enhance your calisthenics training. With this package your coach will dedicate one-to-one time to supporting you in what ever why they can to help you redefine one impossible after another.

    Our online coaching support is delivered through the purpose build coaching app; CoachNow. You’ll have the ability to interact, upload video, photos, get online feedback and receive coaching videos back in return, all via the app. In addition you’ll be able have live coaching sessions with your coach using Skype or Zoom.

    Option two includes:

    Buy your personalised calisthenics programme and 4 hours of online coaching support now

    Option three: Personalised programme design and eight hours coaching support

    This package builds on all the great support in options one and two but includes a total of 8 hours coaching support.

    For those that want the full coaching support package and online personal training experience, this is going to help you smash your goals.

    Not only do you have more time to tap into your coaches expertise but you’ll also have more accountability and adherence through the support that comes with more contact time.

    Option three includes:

    Buy your personalised calisthenics programme and 8 hours of online coaching support now