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    Hey guyz i’m from cape verde. I started my handstand journey 5 months ago, but only started following your tips like 3 months and it was so much better for me. Thank you for the help!

    Midana Miranda

    I just redefined my impossible! This has been in my head for over a year, and now it’s mine thanx to hard work AND the School of Calisthenics for their guidance and coaching. In this case it was to take down the numbers of sessions and get enough rest! Quality over quantity!

    Trude Stormer Vinje

    I redefined my impossible of the bar muscle up! Thanks guys, the content and support you provide first class.

    Simon Keight Bar Muscle Up

    I try to be perfect form but not so clean for my first one but I’m working on redefining my impossible and couldn’t of done it without your instruction and help at the School of Calisthenics

    Billys Panagiwtopoulos

    Just a thank you to both of you for starting the school and for all the content you put out. I just to high five you as your videos were instrumental in my ability to unlock my first muscle ups.

    Geoff Speak

    I followed you guys a few months ago and asked if am too late to start because I thought that you have to start as a kid to make these moves. Just like you, I’ve proved that with your help and following the training guides that anything is possible! Thank you!

    Gasser Farid

    I’m so pleased to say I have achieved my Ring Muscle Up goal following the workshop I attended at Marchon Athletic and following your great video tutorials. This is the second skill I have been able to achieve thanks to your amazing content, so thank you guys.

    Chris Page

    As Stephan Labossiere said, “God doesn’t require perfection, he requires progression.” Thanks to your amazing content I’ve redefined my impossible of the Human Flag and it feels amazing! Looking forward to achieving many more! Thank you guys.

    Amir Salloum