Welcome to the School of Calisthenics Alumni. We are very proud to introduce our graduates and their impressive achievements through following our Calisthenics Training Programs.

Remember a picture lasts a life time, so send us your Calisthenics achievements and you too can live on forever in Calisthenics Glory as a School of Calisthenics Graduate!


Michael Brokensha

Hanging the washing out will never be the same again! Michael redefines his impossible with us after following our Human Flag eBook and getting the technique nailed down, describing his graduation he said,

“It always seems impossible until it is done”

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Paul Walker
“Having seen the coaching tutorial online for the back levers I thought that it seemed achievable. To graduate feels awesome! I believe my strength from the Handstand ebook has definitely helped me redefine my impossible of the back lever.
Anyone can achieve this you just have to believe in yourself!!!!” – Paul Walker
Zack Rowcroft

“I read through the eBook and got the technique nailed in my head and decided to have a got training for it! I never thought I’d do it” – Zack Rowcroft after redefining his impossible.

Andy Soutar

Andy redefined his impossible of the Back Lever at our Progressions Workshop in Liverpool on 8th April 2017 and went away with a big smile!

Ben Lee

Ben redefined his impossible of the Back Lever right in front of our eyes in the Beginners Calisthenics workshop in Liverpool on 8th April 2017. Safe to say he’s no longer a beginner…!

John Reynolds

John Reynolds redefined his impossible of the Ring Muscle Up at our Liverpool Progression Workshop on 8th April 2017. He could hardly contain his excitement when he said ‘very good!’

Rob Ringrose

His name even starts with ‘ring’ so no surprise Mr Ringrose graduated with his first ring muscle up after practising at home everything he was taught at the Nottingham workshop in January 2017.

Steve Tee

Stephen has been following the video coaching tutorials in our Human Flag Training eBook and has now graduated with an impressive Human Flag hold!

“Thanks to the School of Calisthenics for all their tips and advice. I must say that their eBook is a brilliant investment for any calisthenics geek looking to get a particular move like the Human Flag.” – Steve Tee

Ravi Ruparel

After taking part in one of our Calisthenics Progressions workshops Ravi Graduated a week later and we are as impressed and excited as the camera girl at the end!

Iain Highfield

“Thank you for all your help guys, I am addicted to graduating – next up muscle up” – Iain Highfield

RJ Rankin

“Thank your to School of Calisthenics for helping me redefine my impossible, their techniques and methods for training the Human Flag really works, listen to these guys!” – RJ Rankin

Shane Dundalk

“Redefining my impossible with my first ever muscle up! Form isn’t great but getting there. The bands helped with the patterning and Jacko’s ‘head the ball’ tip really works!” – Shane

Iain Highfield

Iain is a member of our Virtual Classroom and has been following our Back Lever Training eBook as well as getting online coaching from us ti help him redefine his impossible!

Ian Zammit

After following our tutorials and lots of hard work Ian Zammit has redefined his impossible and Graduated from the School with an A* in Back Levers!

Alan Cuthbert

“By following the School of Calisthenics excellent video tutorials I managed to redefine my impossible of the Back Lever… next stop the Human Flag!” – Alan Cuthbert

Joe Wood-Lowe (again)

“First ever Back Lever, holding for 1 second counts right? Form will only improve, as I continue to follow the Back Lever Training eBook” – Joe Wood-Lowe

Joe adds the Back Lever to his Handstand Graduation as he continues to redefine his impossible!

Tony Parfitt (again)

“I finally achieved my first ring muscle up thanks to the help of the school of Calisthenics and you can see how happy I was to get it!” – Tony

First it was the Back Lever and now its the Muscle Up, Tony becomes the first student to redefine his impossible twice for his second graduation, what’s next to come out of the ‘impossible box’?


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Jake Bonsignore

“With hard work and dedication nothing is impossible” said Jake after redefining his impossible and graduating with his first ever Back Lever!

Joe Wood-Lowe

Joe’s Handstand graduation picture is impressive with the added challenge of the sandy surface making balancing more difficult!

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Bjorn Heinrichs

After following our Back Lever Training Program for only a couple of months Bjorn redefined his impossible by Graduating with a Back Lever!

BACK LEVER Training eBook – click here

Andrew Morley

Andrew Morley graduated in both the Human Flag and Back Lever at our Newcastle Workshop in December 2016. Here’s his first Back Lever!

Lee Tiffin

Lee graduated in the Human Flag at our Newcastle workshop in December 2016

Tony Parfitt

First ever Back Lever for Tony at our recent Newcastle workshop in December 2016.

Spyridon Lappos

After following our Back Lever Training eBook Spyridon graduated with this awes anti-gravity feat of strength. He says “next up is the Human Flag!”

Ben Cotton

Ben graduated in the Back Lever at his first Calisthenics workshop with us in November 2016!

Lloyd Gordan

“Finally redefined my impossible or a ring muscle ups after taking some advice from the School of Calisthenics workshop a few weeks ago” – Lloyd Gordan


Only two weeks after attending one of our Calisthenics Workshops Lloyd graduated with his first ring muscle up!


Jonathan Jefferies

Jonathan redefines his impossible of achieving the Human Flag at our Workshop in Liverpool on 12th November 2016 having had no calisthenics experience before coming on the workshop…! Amazing to be there and witness this!

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Sam Hickman

Thanks to the help and advise from the School of Calisthenics I achieved my first ‘impossible’ of the Back Lever – Sam Hickman ( on instagram)

Ben Liles, Zaqi Ismail & Paul Brennan

“Redefined my impossible in 2 hours at the London Workshop in November 2016. Great atmosphere and the coaches were really informative and friendly” – Ben Liles


“The patience and knowledge or the tutors kept me at ease and gave me confidence to achieve my first ring muscle up!” – Zaqi Ismail

Ben Cartwright

After attending our Calisthenics Progressions workshop on 12th November 2016 Ben Graduated in the Bar Muscle Up the very next day…!

Davids Veilands

Having followed our Human Flag Training Program Davids (@d.v_calisthenix on instagram) has redefined his ‘impossible’ and Graduates as a Human Flag!

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Joe Marsden

Having followed the School of Calisthenics Back Lever Training Program and exercises Joe redefines the ‘impossible’ of a Back Lever

Terry Emery

Having Graduated with his FIRST RING MUSCLE UP at one of our Calisthenics Workshops here’s what Terry Emery had to say, “I’d watched every You Tube tutorial out there but nothing beats a coach identifying your weakness and then telling you what to do to fix it.”

David Jackson

Dave and Tim are great Calisthenics coaches and helped me to learn the Human Flag in only seven weeks! I Attended workshops which brought great tips, just those little tweaks that these guys know that are essential to achieving your goals!

James Robinson

You can achieve a lot in 7 weeks if you have the right tools. Here is James Robinson’s Seven Week Human Flag Transformation.

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David Jackson

This was the first ever Human Flag I held for enough time to take a photo! Not perfectly horizontal but I was so happy that day. It took me 3 months to learn and finally I’d achieved something I never thought I could do but always wish I could!

Tim Stevenson

This Back Lever is the first Calisthenics Movement I achieved and was the starting point of a Calisthenics addiction that just keeps growing. i remember how impossible it felt the first time I tried it but once you redefine what’s possible you look at everything differently and start chasing after achieving other ‘impossible’ things!

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