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    Beauty is more than skin deep

    Beauty is often measured based purely what someone can see on the surface level of the human body. Bone structure, the shape of our features,…

    Articles Movement

    Why calisthenics is the greatest form of exercise

    In order to rightly make a statement like this I have to take on ‘onus probandi’. The burden of proof. In a civil legal trial…


    Jacko’s Love of Learning

    It’s funny how when we actually take some time to stop and reflect, we gain a better understanding of ourselves – what we’re good at,…


    Podcast Episode 62

    Ben Coomber // Nutrition, Health & Training

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    Podcast Episode 58

    Guests on the Brian Keane Podcast

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    When Keto Meets Calisthenics

    Hopefully by now if you’ve been following us you should have a decent idea about what Calisthenics is. However recently we’ve been getting a lot…

    Articles ketogenic

    Protein Energy Ball Snacks

    The ‘dinner ladies’ have been working hard in the school canteen! With Tim and Jacko on the road for a number of workshops over the…

    Articles food

    Mobility, Flexibility and Recovery

    Training hard is one thing to get right but it’s not the only factor that determines how well you’ll progress. Yes lots of things come…

    Articles calisthenics

    Calisthenics Vs Bodybuilding: The quest for the perfect physique

    As I got out of the shower today I caught myself performing what has become an unintentional habit in my morning routine. Step out of…