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    Meet Olympian Lani

    We’re excited to introduce you to our latest coaching recruit at the School of Calisthenics! Lani is a former Olympian, current world record holder and…


    Calisthenics At 70 Years Young

    When 70 year old Graham Parrington first walked through the doors at the School of Calisthenics, back in early 2016 for one of our Beginners…


    School Visit From Ross Edgley!

    We love welcoming new ‘students’ to the School of Calisthenics, especially when they are a huge dude, with massive arms and a love for challenges!…

    Articles ross edgley

    Back to School… Back to Basics!

    The summer is over and school is back… so it’s time to get back to basics! It’s important to never neglect the basics but sometimes…


    How to Muscle Up // Three things you MUST do

    Learning how to muscle up can be as confusing as it is frustrating. In this blog we share three of the biggest limitations that stop…

    Articles beginner calisthenics

    Protein Energy Ball Snacks

    The ‘dinner ladies’ have been working hard in the school canteen! With Tim and Jacko on the road for a number of workshops over the…

    Articles food

    5 Steps to Your First Ring Muscle Up

    The ring muscle up involves three phases; false grip pull up, transition between the rings and pushing out from a deep ring dip. Here we…

    Articles beginner muscle up

    How to set up the Human Flag

    The Human Flag may look ‘impossible’ but maybe now you’re starting to see enough people doing it, you’re starting to change your mind! You see…


    Online Calisthenics Coaching

    We’re living in a time of unprecedented information overload. The plethora of freely available content that we access at will, whenever we please is seemingly…

    Articles David Jackson