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    23rd March: Handstand Workshop Series [6 weeks]

    £125.00 £89.00

    6 Workshop Series // Tuesdays 19:30 GMT

    Starting Tuesday 23rd March 2021 each week for 6 weeks

    COACHES // Tim, Jacko, Georgie & Owen

    All abilities welcome for this series of 6 workshops on Tuesdays 19:30 GMT (for 6 weeks starting 23rd March) where you’ll learn how improve your mobility, strength and balance to redefine your impossible of learning to handstand.

    *All levels and abilities welcome – great for beginners

    All you need is some floor space at home, with either your computer or mobile phone to join the workshops online via a private Virtual Classroom group & Zoom meetings.

    Early bird offer only £89 (save £36)

    Join Tim, Jacko, Georgie & Owen for this Handstand workshop series starting Tuesday 23rd March every week live via zoom for 6 weeks.

    Learn how to self assess your own ranges of motion that might be restricting your handstand position. Get the drills and techniques needs to practice and develop the skill of balancing on your handstand and maintaining that balance and control with the whole body. Learn the strength requirements needed for the handstand and how to progressively build that strength over time with progressive and safe overload.

    2 FREE Chapter of Handstand Strength


    Workshop series details // Starting 23rd March 2021

    • Theory and science behind learning a new skill like a handstand – including specific techniques you can start using straight away.
    • Warm up & movement preparation exercise – improve shoulder and t-spine mobility for better handstand alignment and core integration to ensure you have the strength and control to hold those good handstand shapes.
    • Specific strengthening exercises – strength is such an important aspect to give us confidence when upside down. When we have strength in abundance to hold ourselves but we worry less about ‘coming or falling down’ and can focus our cognitive attention on the skills of using our hands to balance.
    • Improve balance and body awareness & more – we’ll cover week by week everything you need to do in order to practice safely and effectively to improve your body awareness needed to develop your handstand whether just starting out with the support of a wall or trying to improve your balance freestanding.
    • Access to a private group within our virtual classroom with weekly homework tasks to follow up from each session, watch the session back on replay from the previous week(s) anytime, online community to connect with others in the group and get support from our coaches throughout the 6 week course
    • Access to video tutorials throughout the course so you can follow along and remind yourself of the specific handstand exercises and drills covered each week and work on them at home between sessions.
    • You’ll get the chance to work with the coaches, get feedback directly and ask questions throughout each week of the workshop series.
    • *All levels and abilities welcome


    *Once you book onto the online workshop, you’ll be sent sign in details for the private Virtual Classroom group & Zoom meeting details via email each week for 6 weeks starting 23rd March 2021 at 19:30 GMT

    Here’s what people who’ve attended our online workshops before said;

    “The structure worked really well with breakout sessions during the class for us to get advice in small groups. It was also just really nice to spend a few hours with like minded people in this crazy time. I hope they announce some more soon as i will definitely be signing up.” – Trevor Sexton

    “Thank you all so so much it was a really great workshop with so many helpful tips and things to now practice!” – Liz Hayman

    “The online workshop was incredible” – Steve Pang


    Additional information


    1.5hrs Beginners Mobility, 2hrs Mobility Progressions, Both Workshops


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