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    Back Lever Training Guide


    The back lever was the first calisthenics movement that we (Tim + Jacko) actually achieved as beginners back in 2013. It kick started our calisthenics journey and got us hooked on redefining our impossible!

    We thought it looked impossible but tried anyway… now we want to help teach YOU!




    The back lever (also known as a reverse lever) may look impossible, but it’s far more achievable than you might think!

    What’s included?

    17 Video coaching tutorials

    Simple to follow coaching tutorials with all the important technique points and coaching cues from our expert coaches.

    Progressive framework

    The School of Calisthenics framework provides a systematic and progressive way to develop the movement and strength requirements


    Movement and mobility

    Follow movement preparation and patterning exercises to help warm up and prepare your body for your back lever journey.


    Strength progressions

    Follow specific strength exercises, including a series of progressive exercises that will help you develop safely and effectively.


    Personal development

    Special insight into how to use the School of Calisthenics ‘Locker’ to help adapt any exercise to your level or ability so you can make the whole programme specific to you.


    Future planning and programming

    Help and advise on how to design, develop and plan your own training plans and weekly schedule, now and into the future as you develop.


    Isn’t it time you redefine your impossible?


    We hope you love this guide as much as we do. You can trust the content as it’s backed by both sports science and experience. To find out more about our expert coaches, visit our team page. We want to take you on a back lever journey, where will it end? We’ve put everything we’ve ever learnt about back levers into this training guide and video coaching tutorials. Enjoy!


    Here’s Ben Cotton graduating with his first back lever… you could be next!

    Here’s an example of one of the video coaching tutorials from the eBook…



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