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    Handstand Beginners Training Guide


    Start your handstand journey today with our week-by-week training programme with simple to follow video coaching tutorials designed to get you balancing in a free-standing handstand as fast as possible.


    This handstand beginners training guide is the first step to learning your new skill of balancing on your hands and the ‘fast-track’ to redefining your impossible at the School of Calisthenics.


    There are 8 lessons outlined in the training guide broken down into 4 simple modules to follow, with assessments to track your progress along the way at the end of each module so you know when to progress.

    All the exercises are coached and explained with video tutorials. The best part is you don’t need any equipment so you can follow along at home.

    What’s included?

    16 Video coaching tutorials

    We (Tim & Jacko) taught ourselves to handstand with no gymnastic experience. We combine what we’ve learnt through our own handstand journey with our extensive coaching knowledge as professional strength and conditioning coaches to bring you the best video tutorials we can.

    8 Beginner lessons

    There are 8 handstand lessons split across 4 modules allowing you to learn at your own pace. Revisit any lesson or module whenever you like.

    Week-by-week training plans to follow

    We have taken the step-by-step process and broken it down into weekly training plans to follow straight away including reps, sets, rest periods, tempo and de-load weeks

    4 Progressive training programmes to follow

    Each training programme covers a 4-week period, but you have the flexibility to assess your own progress and learn at a faster or slower pace depending on your ability.

    End of module assessments

    Track your progress at the end of each module with an assessment to ensure you know you’re ready to progress.

    We hope you’ll love it as much as we do. You can trust the content as it’s backed by both sports science and experience. We want to take you on a handstand journey. We’ve put our heart, soul and everything we’ve ever learnt about handstands into this training guide and video coaching tutorials.

    Here are a couple of examples of the video coaching tutorials…


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