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    Beginners Handstand Workshop (2hrs) – The Lodge Space

    10:00 am
    Tim, Jacko, London, UK


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    We also have a strength progressions handstand workshop in the afternoon – click here

    In this 2 hour Handstand Workshop you will learn all the basic foundation movements for your handstand giving you the tools to start the journey of balancing on your hands!

    At the School of Calisthenics we love teaching people new things and are passionate about helping others with their handstand goals

    Subjects covered during the Workshop;

    1. Movement Preparation

    Understanding and application of the mobility and flexibility requirements for handstands

    2. Movement Patterning 

    How to create stability through not just the shoulder but the entire kinetic chain for your handstand alignment.

    3. Skill Acquisition + Balance

    The art of using your hands like feet to balance on is a skill that takes time to practise and we take you through the key components to develop that skill. We also look at the fundamentals of balance and how to enhance the fine motor control of the hands to work like feet!


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