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    Beginners Weekly Class 5th March at H3 Performance Nottingham

    7:00 pm
    H3 Performance Ltd, Longden Street, Nottingham, UK


    Thursday night beginners class at H3 performance in Nottingham // 7pm

    We also have a Sunday afternoon class at Crossfit Lacemakers in Long Eaton

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    At the School of Calisthenics we love teaching people new things and are passionate about help others start their Calisthenics Journey! The School of Calisthenics tutor(s) will introduce you to the unique School of Calisthenics Framework and how we can build up the movement, control and strength to be able to do ‘impossible’ things!

    In this 1 hour beginners class we’ll be focusing on the basic foundations and training principle you need to develop as a beginner regardless of your calisthenics goals.

    We’ll start the process and journey towards things like handstands, levers, human flags and muscle ups but we’ll also be covering things like your first pull up, push up and dip as foundation bodyweight movements, which the ‘sexy stuff’ is built upon.

    We want to help you move better (increasing mobility and control) whilst having fun getting strong and learning some new skills!

    So whether you are working on your handstand, your first pull up or even working towards something like a human with help you progressively along that journey. We strip it right back to the basics and beginning so welcome new beginners every week to the class.

    Hope to see you there!


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