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    Blue Light Blocking Glasses


    Blue light blocking glasses designed to filter out blue and white light to protect your eyes from screens, mobiles, tablets, TVs etc which upset your bodies natural circadian rhythm effecting your sleep, recovery and hormonal balance.

    These blue light blocking glasses come in two lens colours; DayPRO yellow lenses blocks out 95% blue light & the Night PRO red lenses block out 100% blue light. Made with the highest quality materials and delivering a stylish look for any occasion.

    Look your best, while getting your best nights sleep for performance and recovery optimisation.


    The reason for wearing these coloured lenses is to filter out the sleep damaging effects of artificial light, which we are inundated with in our modern lives.

    Which Lens?


    Designed to be worn during the afternoon to protect you from excessive junk light, or help align your circadian rhythm while travelling through different time zones.  These lens can help protect you from eye strain, headaches, anxiety and a number of conditions caused from excessive blue light.  Junk light environments can be found through poor lighting at home, the office, conference facilities, gyms, plus from the technology you use like mobile phones, PCs, TVs, tablets, etc…

    These lenses block 95% of all blue light in the  400-450nm spectrum. Our primal ancestors would still expect to see some blue light during the afternoons, so we chose to allow a small amount of this light through the lens to work in collaboration with your circadian rhythm and align to the natural light cycles.


    Designed to be worn in the 2-3 hours before bed to optimise your hormones for sleep and recovery with immediate results.  Get your best night sleep and maximise your sleep, recovery, and performance.

    These lens block 100% of all blue and green light in the 400-550nm spectrum, which clinical trials show to negatively disrupt melatonin production.  Protect your sleep and recovery while still allowing you to relax while watching Netflix or looking at your mobile phone.

    *Both lens are 3rd party tested in a laboratory environment by the Light Industry Association, guaranteeing the quality of our premium eye-wear.


    Product Specifications

    Frame Material: Acetate
    Frame Colour: Matte Black
    Lens Material: Nylon
    Sizing: L54-B16-T145
    Lens Colour: Yellow (DayPRO) or Red (NightPRO)
    Why Acetate?  These stylish frames are known for their strength, style, flexibility and comfort.  The tough fibers and structure of acetate are strong and resistant, meaning these frames are designed to be worn for many years.

    Why Nylon Lens?  These lens are a newer technology that combines the impact resistance of Poly-carbonate and the clarity of CR-39.  They are incredibly light, the best for shock absorbing, and are considered the best option for high performance.  This is the lens choice for top end glasses and sunglasses.  This premium lens option is a more expensive material, which is reflected in performance.

    Additional information

    Lens colour

    Yellow Lens (DayPro), Red Lens (NightPro)


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