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    Calisthenics Mobility Set // 4 Tools


    Our 4 Piece Calisthenics ‘Mobility Set’ includes a massage ball,  peanut tool and two sized form rollers idea for mobility and massage release work on all areas of the body; big and small muscle groups as well as lower and upper body.

    Our 4 piece Calisthenics Mobility Set gives you 4 different types of massage tools help to relieve muscle tightness and restrictions in all areas of the body.

    • UFE 4 Piece Massage Set relieves pain in all areas of the body with 4 different types of massage.
    • Foam Roller will reduce pain after exercise, improve blood circulation and release muscle tightness whilst breaking down knots within muscles.
    • The massage ball will reduce muscle tension to improve flexibility around the joints and muscles, particularly in the back, chest, shoulders, arm and forearm.
    • The Peanut Massage Ball gives a deeper, targeted massage into the muscle to reduce pain and discomfort.
    • The Foot Massage Ball helps channel blood directly to the area to aid mobility, easing tight and tired areas of the foot. This will improve recovery time from a injury and assists in soothing plantar fasciitis or sore feet.


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