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    Calisthenics Rig

    School of Calisthenics Rig (Two Sizes)

    (6 customer reviews)


    The School of Calisthenics Rig is the ultimate calisthenics home gym. Designed for pull ups, muscle ups, human flags, squats and dips. Available in two sizes, specifically designed alongside our partners Bulldog Gear. Outside the UK? Please email for a shipping cost.

    Standard Rig //2.25m

    XL Rig // 2.5m



    Our School of Calisthenics Rig was specifically designed alongside our partners Bulldog Gear, who specialise in manufacturing the best training equipment on the market… we have custom made for you the only piece of kit you’ll ever need for the perfect calisthenics home gym!

    Pull ups, muscle ups, human flag… whatever your ‘impossible’ is, our School of Calisthenics Rig is going to help you redefine it!

    This easy to construct and portable piece of equipment is great for your back garden or garage to create the perfect calisthenics home gym, or even take out on a road trip!

    Hang rings off the bar, use the human flag handles, or even add some of the additional attachments like the dip station or jpegs to turn it into a squat rack for leg day… you’ll never need to go to the gym again, you could even save money and cancel that membership!!!

    XL Rig // 2.5m

    We also offer a XL version that is taller in height at 2.5m rather than the original which is 2.25m high, for the taller calisthenics athlete!


    How long does it take to put up… much faster than you think (see the video below)



    Product Specifications:

    Base Width:

    1.25m x 2.2m

    Total Height:

    2.25m (Standard Rig) // 2.5m (XL Rig)


    Powder coating to provide up to 5 years protection as standard (covering in adverse weather conditions recommended)

    Galvanised finish to provide up to 10 years protection.



    European Shipping calculated at checkout (worldwide shipping available on request*)

    Pallet dimension and weight for delivery

    • Length – 120cm
    • Width – 100cm
    • Height –  220cm
    • Weight – 175KG

    *For any queries, please contact

    Additional information

    Weight 81 kg

    Standard Rig, XL Rig, Galvanised Standard Rig, Galvanised XL Rig

    6 reviews for School of Calisthenics Rig (Two Sizes)

    1. Claire Ruocco

      I ordered this rig online to use in the garden so I can train outside in the fresh air! Amazing customer service… confirmation email from soc and delivery company. Tracking and updates of delivery and a call an hour before delivery. Perfect 👍
      Instructions for assembly are really clear and very easy for 2 of us to put together. Strong and sturdy, and doesn’t take up too much room. Instantly got my teens out of their rooms and off the xbox to have a play on the new “rig” 😂 Definitely going to be enjoyed, got my resistance bands and rings ready… Very impressed… Awesome 🙌 Thank you for the stickers too 😉

      • David Jackson

        Glad you like the School of Calisthenics Rig as much as we do Claire… lets the GainZ begin at home!!!!


    2. Stephen Morton

      Had this rig ( sited outside ) now for almost a year – has met and exceeded all expectations – rapid delivery, easy to assemble, sturdy, versatile and has survived everything the north east of Scotland has thrown at it – wind rain snow hail and rarely even some sunshine!!! So there should be no concerns about it’s use outside for anyone debating – if it’s lasted up here it’ll be good to go anywhere.

    3. Georgie Young

      I was super, super lucky to win this rig via Tim and Jacko’s Instagram competition and boy have I not been disappointed with it! Gone are the days of door frame pull up bars wrecking the paintwork and leaving you with no room to manoeuvre.

      Being relatively tall (and with long arms and legs) I’ve always found that I have to cross my legs behind me which is really frustrating making it difficult to focus and work on technique properly. Winning this amazing rig has meant that my toes now only just touch the floor from hanging and there’s plenty of room to spin around, hang upside down and whatever else I want to do. It also means that now I can keep my rings permanently attached to the rig for when I want to train ring pull-ups, rows, dips, and work on getting that muscle up (it will happen!). I’m yet to use the flag handles as sadly I’m not strong enough but they are a great resistance band storage system.

      The rig is pretty huge – both wide and tall – so if you have low ceilings double check before ordering and maybe be prepared for headbutting the ceiling a few times until you get used to it. The rig is super fast and easy to set up (don’t worry it’s easier than an IKEA bookcase) and if you’re using it indoors you’ll probably want to cut up a yoga mat to place under each corner of the feet to stop it from inching about the floor. Now the weather is hotting up I’m really keen to move it outdoors to see how it fares.

      But, in all honesty, I cannot fault this big hunk of metal even if I wanted to do. If you’re feeling hesitant about parting with the cash just remember it’s a really versatile piece of equipment and there are multiple add ons to help you turn your house into a gym so you can lose the membership. I’m pretty keen to grab the J-Pegs myself when I have a little spending money so I can start using the rig as a squat rack too, and maybe even the dip bars! Basically, just buy it because guaranteed you will not regret it!

      • David Jackson

        Thanks Georgie, so glad you like it – Jacko

    4. Glen

      What a fantastic peice of kit. I opted for a galvanized set up. It took a bit longer. Was totally worth the wait. It feels well made and could handle alot of weight. I ordered the XL rig as I’m 6ft 2 and it’s the right hight for me. Great service off all involved from bull dog to jacko and the gang. Thanks!

    5. Tom Lane

      Great rig. Solid and clearly well made. I’m 6ft 5 and can swing freely and be completely clear of the floor for muscle up training, dead hangs and all the good stuff. Best on the market I would say.

    6. Brigitta Seeberger

      I bought my school of calisthenics rig in 2018 November, I never going to forget that day when it arrived. It was an absolutely special delivery for sure. All my neighbours were curious what is going on … lol. It was the best investment ever . Since I have my bar don’t really going in the gym, I can do anything with it . I got a dip attachment with it and I have the attachment for the human flag too . Very easy to set it up , it was like an hour or so . I love my my pull-up bar , can’t live without it . It is perfect 👌. @brigifit

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