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    17 July 2021 Calisthenics Workshops // LONDON (Staines)

    11:00 am
    Jacko, Owen, Tim Stevenson
    360 Ultimate Fitness, Drake Avenue, Staines, UK


    *All levels and abilities welcome

    11:00am (2hrs) Beginners

    2:00pm (3hrs) Progressions

    *Discount for those booking for the full day option of both workshops (save £10)

    **COVID-19 policy – If we have to cancel or postpone due to COVID restrictions then of course we will issue a full refund


    Beginners Workshop // 11:00am (2hrs)

    In the 2 hour Workshop you will learn all the basic foundation movements to help you get started on your calisthenics journey and therefore all levels and abilities are welcome, even if you’ve done no calisthenics before!

    At the School of Calisthenics we love teaching people new things and are passionate about helping others start their calisthenics Journey! During we’ll teach you all the fundamental principles of calisthenics training and introduce the unique School of Calisthenics Framework explaining the sports science and human movement behind what you’re going to learn.

    Progressions Workshop // 2:00pm (3hrs)

    In this 3 hour Workshop you will learn all the calisthenics progressions necessary to master all your favourite calisthenics movements; Handstand progressions, Bar and Ring Muscle ups and The Human Flag!

    The progressions workshop is aimed at those comfortable with the basic movements (such as push ups, pull ups and dips) and want to develop their knowledge and skills to understand the progressions towards these more advanced Calisthenics Movements.

    We can’t guarantee you’ll leave the workshop being able to complete a full Human Flag, Muscle Up and Back Lever. However we do promise that you’ll leave having achieved some variation of each movement and most importantly leave educated on what you need to work on and how to progress them forward to fully ‘redefining your impossible’! And we’ll have a lot of fun along the way!

    Throughout the workshop there will also be time to allow you to ‘pick the brains’ of the School of Calisthenics Tutors, asking any calisthenics questions you may have on exercise progressions, programming, your personal areas of development… or any else!

    Maybe you want to come and do both workshops? Lots of people come for the whole day so you won’t be the only one hanging out with us all day?

    Here’s what some previous students have said;

    “Fun, engaging and great for all training levels” – Phil Spalding

    “A fresh outlook on strength with a focus on movement, great for setting goals!” – Hollie Bottrill

    “Applicable to all abilities, takes you back to the necessary basics! Awesome Class!” – Kim Dennis

    “It was awesome! Thank you! Great to learn about the techniques and science behind some very awesome moves!” – Siobhan Cervin

    “Great tips to build strength and made hard movements seem much more achievable” – Hailey Flee

    “Workshop was spot on! Learn and good progressions, with everyone leaving with an achievement and something to work on!” – Chris Pettet


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    11:00am Beginners (2hrs), 2:00pm Progressions (3hrs), Both Workshops (All Day)


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