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    Calisthenics Wrist Support Straps


    These gym wrist straps are excellent for helping support your wrists when starting out in calisthenics and performing things like frogstands, handstands and the planche whilst your wrist gets used to the load of support your bodyweight on your hands.

    These gym wrist straps are excellent for helping provide some support to your wrist and potentially prevent wrist injuries when doing calisthenic movements. They are also great for use after injury for supporting sore or painful wrists during rehabilitation. These gym wrist straps include elastic thumb loops and extended length touch fastener closures. Washable. One size fits all. Please note: colours may vary.


    “When I first started learning to handstand wrist straps really helped my wrists get used to this new stimulus and load of supporting my bodyweight. Even now if I’m doing some heavy handstand or planche work I find that a little support really helps my wrists.” – Tim

    Calisthenics Wrist Support Straps


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