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    18th July 2021 Coaching Calisthenics Seminar // LONDON 2021

    10:00 am
    Tim Stevenson, Jacko
    Marchon Athletic, Harpenden, UK


    18th July Full day //10am till 4pm

    A blended learning seminar that includes both the theoretical and practical components required to confidently and successfully coach calisthenics in a range of environments and to a variety of clients.

    The main body of the theory component will be delivered via our eLearning platform and provide you with the understanding and foundation knowledge to create a progressive calisthenics training environment. At the face to face full day seminar (10:00 – 16:00), participants will review the key foundation knowledge before learning to implement it through the development of practical calisthenics coaching skills.

    *COVID-19 policy – If we have to cancel or postpone due to COVID restrictions then of course we will issue a full refund

    17 places remaining

    This course will provide individuals working in the health, fitness and sports industries such as physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers and yoga instructors, with the theoretical understanding and practical ability to coach calisthenics to a wide range of clients.

    Content Delivery

    The seminar will be delivered using a blended learning approach with the face to face component being supported by pre-reading theoretical content presented via our eLearning platform.

    This will be sent to you prior to the course and means we can spend more time helping you to understand and experience the practical application of coaching calisthenics.

    What we’ll cover

    The seminar will provide participants with an overview of the key physiological principles of human movement and explain why understanding the integration between them is important in effectively coaching movement through calisthenics. We’ll also explore the potential that calisthenics has to improve overall human movement

    The team will introduce the School of Calisthenics Framework that will provide a road map to coach any bodyweight movement. This will include how to effectively prepare for a calisthenics session in order to optimise movement quality, implement an effective skill acquisition process and how to develop specific and global strength.

    The practical sessions are designed to help participants apply the theory of calisthenics coaching but also experience the progressions towards movements such as the handstand, muscle up and human flag.

    Participants will leave the seminar with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to support a wide variety of client demographics. They will be equipped to get results in a range of training formats or environments, whether that be sports performance or health and fitness.

    Key Learning Outcomes

    • An overview of the key principles of human movement including the kinetic chain, fascial system and movement slings
    • Resisting a reductionist approach to movement and how to enhance kinetic chain integration using calisthenics
    • Understanding motor control science and dynamic systems theory and how its application is instrumental to successfully coaching calisthenics
    • Screening and assessing clients and athletes for calisthenics training
    • Learn a progressive approach to skill aquisition and bodyweight strength development
    • Apply the School of Calisthenics Framework to a range of calisthenics movements
    • Understand how to manipulate the training environment to facilitate progressive calisthenics training that is accessible to anyone
    • How to programme for calisthenics training
    • Develop your personal calisthenics training competency

    What the coaches said

    Thanks Tim and Jacko! I love the way you don’t take yourselves too seriously, have a laugh and yet your expertise and knowledge is exceptional! You have the knack of being able to convey highly technical information in a fun, simple to understand and interesting way.
    Ian McMillan

    Overall, including the practical calisthenics day workshop, by far one of the best teaching seminars I’ve been on.
    Jonathan Smith

    It was a stimulating seminar helped by a conducive environment both for the knowledge and the physical location. I felt inspired post seminar and look forward to continuing the journey both through coaching and my own practice.
    Owen Jackson

    Your delivery, branding and general ethos to training and coaching is a credit to the industry.
    Edward Parker


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