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    Ecolayer Women’s Leggings


    Our clothing partner Player Layer have an exciting new eco clothing ranging coming out, starting with leggings made from recycled water bottles.

    Calisthenics is a natural form of training using only our bodyweight as the resistance, help keep the environment natural and the oceans clean of plastic with these eco leggings, each pair made from 25 recycled water bottles.


    Almost all stretch sportswear is made from polyester yarns and fabrics and the yarns are spun using newly produced raw materials. 

    Our clothing partners Player Layer have taken water bottles and chop them into tiny pieces which can be used as the basic ingredient for our yarns, which are then spun into fabric. It takes 25 water bottles to make one pair of leggings.

    We recognise that there are sometimes questionable claims about eco-friendly recycled products. Our source is certified and monitored by the national government, as well as being monitored by internationally recognised bodies.

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    Weight -1 kg

    8, 10, 12, 14


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