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    Follow Along Workouts – LIVE + ON DEMAND


    Follow along workouts either LIVE with our coaches or watch back on demand and train at your own time with our follow along workouts – included as part of Virtual Classroom memberships.

    Enjoy your first class for FREE as part of 7 day FREE trial membership.

    CLICK HERE - Full class timetable & details

    Join our expert coaching team either live or watch back on demand for follow along workouts that will help you to move better, get strong + have more fun with calisthenics and bodyweight training. These include both calisthenics + yoga workouts.

    Classes are available to all members as part of a subscription package. If you’re not yet a member we’d love to give you 7 days free to join your first class and explore the rest of the incredible training programmes we have inside the Virtual Classroom.

    What’s included?

    Follow Along Workouts

    Join LIVE each week or watch back on demand a huge library of  follow along workouts as part of our online memberships to the Virtual Classroom.

    Understand Your Workout

    Following our coaches not only means you’ll know what to do, but our coaches will explain how and why you’re doing it so you understand your body and the workout better.

    Supportive community

    Get accountability, help, encouragement and support from our community so you’ll never feel stuck, frustrated or alone again.

    START TODAY – with 7 day FREE trial



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