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    HEAVY WORKOUT SANDBAG – The Big Guy 50kg


    The Big Guy is our large sandbag with a max capacity of 50kg/110lbs from our partners at Officially Heavy.
    FREE UK Shipping (worldwide available)

    Having a simple but effective way to add additional load to our lower and full body functional training at home is important for creating a strong and robust body.

    The robustness of the sandbag, from our partners Officially Heavy, combined with the versatility it provides for our training makes the sandbag an exceptional training ‘tool’ for those training at home.

    The Big Guy is the largest sandbag with a max capacity of 50kg/110lbs inside. (Play or sharp sand not provided).

    Crafted out of 1050D HEAVY Duty Nylon, you’ll break before this bag does!
    • 7 HEAVY duty, round handles to offer you multiple grips and movement possibilities.
    • The round, solid handles give you a REAL grip practice while you Lift Heavy.
    • Included with The Big Guy are 2 filling bags to hold your filler.
    • Having 2 filler bags means you are able to split the weight and easily adjust the weight of the bag to vary up your workout – able to make a 20, 30 or 50kg sandbag from the one bag!

    We like beach sand or play sand for maximum density and weight, which can cost as little as £2 for 25kg bag.

    You can use dried rice, dried beans, dried corn, things like that, but weights will vary depending on the type of filler you choose.



    *While we have crafted Heavy Sandbags to be as durable as possible, dragging the bags will significantly decrease the lifespan and is not recommended.


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