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Human Flag Training Guide.

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We believe YOU can achieve amazing feats of strength. We believe your body is capable of more than even you believe! Things are only impossible, until you do them for the first time. Achieving something new and seemingly ‘impossible’ is all about understanding what you need to do, the steps to take and how to take them. This Human Flag Training eBook teaches you everything you need to redefine your impossible of the Human Flag.

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The Human Flag is no longer impossible! It’s the most iconic Calisthenics Movement of them all and the most seemingly impossible, until now! This Human Flag Training Programme has the unique School of Calisthenics Framework designed specifically to help and teach you to do the ‘impossible’!

Sleeping Human Flag

Inside the eBook you’ll find 17 Video Tutorials including the key coaching points and tips for every exercise you’ll need to achieve your first Human Flag. Included is;

* Every Movement Preparation exercise you need to help specifically with the range of motion, mobility and flexibility your shoulders will need.

* Every Movement Patterning exercise you need to help teach your brain how to fire the correct series of muscle in the right order!

* Every Strength exercise you need, including a series of Progressive exercises that help you develop safely and progressively.

* Special insight into how to use the School of Calisthenics ‘Locker’ to help adapt ANY exercise to your level as well as additional example exercises to help you progress smoothly between more difficult progressions.

* Help and advise on how to design, develop and plan your own training plans and weekly schedule.

Many people have used and followed the exercises outlined in this eBook Training Program to redefined their impossible, achieving their first Human Flag. The exercises are the same ones we use in our Workshops, which the videos below show normal people just like you making genuine progress in only 7 weeks.

The eBook allows you to learn, just as they did, how to build the strength through understanding and knowledge of what you need to do, along with a safe an effective way of doing it!

Here’s an example of one of the video coaching tutorials in the eBook…

Live coaching of the Human Flag Training eBook

Could you achieve your first flag in only 7 weeks just like this…?

5 reviews for Human Flag Training Guide

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cath T-Rex Thorne (verified owner)

    If Carlsberg did Human Flag training programs it would be this one!! It is without doubt the best £20 I have ever spent…….the ebook is like having a personal trainer in your pocket! There are step by step progressions for all the exercises in the ebook so, there is always an option for you…whatever your starting point. I have been following the program for 5 weeks now and I can see and feel the progress I have already made and am looking forward to the day when I “redefine my impossible” and nail the Human Flag! Along with the ebook you also get so much support and encouragement from the School of Calisthenics “Teachers” you just can’t fail! So don’t delay download the book today! I promise you won’t regret it.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Phil Spalding (verified owner)

    Whether your completely new to Calisthenics or an old hand there is something for everyone in the Human Flag E-book. Jacko and Tim use their own experience from training as complete novices in Calisthenics along with their in depth knowledge of Strength and Conditioning to put together a perfect progression based training manual. Not only do you get top end knowledge, the easy to access video’s make it so simple to put the theory into practice working at each stage to progress along your journey to redefining your Impossible movements.

    I’ve been working using the School of Calisthenics model for a while now and my progression has been fantastic. I’ve never been so motivated or excited to go and train plus now I can train literally anywhere.

    Thank you guys


  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Can’t recommend this E-book enough!
    I’ve gone from not being able to raise my feet off the floor an inch, to getting my first full flag in around 3 months. I’d aimed off for achieving it in 6 months, and it would probably have taken even longer than that without this book!
    I especially like the links to videos of full exercise demonstrations. It makes planning your workouts so much easier.
    Thanks Tim & Jacko!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Graham Parrington (verified owner)

    After following Tim and Jacko’s Facebook page School of Calisthenics I was impressed with their skill and knowledge. I decided to go to one of their workshops in Nottingham, I was even more impressed. They are a lovely pair of guy’s, even though I am a pensioner they inspired me to progress. I can now do a front lever, so what next? I decided to get the Human Flag ebook. I am not very good with technology – it’s taken me 15 mins to get this far – But I have managed with the ebook and am seriously impressed with it and looking forward to progressing​ with the ultimate Human Flag.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gareth Newcombe

    Piece by piece.. things started to come together. When I felt there was slow progress it was easy to check out the Human flag eBook, find some more progressions and try something different.

    Saving the eBook to the phone was good. When we were stuck in the gym we could check out the YouTube videos for technique tips.

    Awesome guys keep up the good work.

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