Intermediate Calisthenics Workshop 12th May 3:30pm (2.5hrs) at BellBoxFit READING

12th May 2018 - Wokingham RG40 5PR, United Kingdom


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In this 2.5 hour workshop you’ll learn ‘Intermediate Calisthenics’ skills and movements! You’ll learn new skills and be taken through simple yet progressive steps to master things like clutch flags, elbow levers, single arm variations like archer and typewriter push and pull ups as well as core challenges like dragon flag progressions, superman push ups and forearm stands!

This will be the first ever Intermediates workshop that we have run, so we’re very excited and we’re doing it in time for Christmas out of our ‘home’ in Nottingham!


This workshop is aimed at those that have either completed the School of Calisthenics ‘Beginners Workshop’ and want to develop their KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS to understand the progressions towards these intermediates calisthenics movements.

You may have even been on one of our Progressions workshops can need a new challenge and variety to your training whilst you continue to work on redefining your impossible of things like handstands, human flag and levers that we teach on the Progressions workshop. The intermediates skills and movements you’ll learn like clutch flags will actually help you as another progression towards your full human flag for example.

Or maybe you’ve not been on any workshops before and you feel confident with the basics of standard push ups, pull up and dips etc and want to try out these intermediates skills and movements and we’d love to have you at the workshop.

Throughout the workshop there will also be time to allow you to ‘pick the brains’ of the School of Calisthenics Tutors, asking any calisthenics questions you may have on exercise progressions, programming, your personal areas of development… or anything else!



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