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    3 Day Workshop // Mike’s Gym MARBELLA October 2019

    12:00 pm
    Tim, Jacko
    Mikes Gym Marbella, Majadilla del Muerto, La Cala de Mijas, Spain


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    In September 2018 we went to what Men’s Health described as “one of the best gyms in the world”. 15 ‘students’ joined us at Mikes Gym in Marbella for some fun in the sun and an unforgettable 3 days!

    We had such a good time and everyone agreed that we had to do this again. It’s just too good and too much fun!

    So what’s better than going to Mikes Gym Marbella in 2019? Going twice!

    That’s right in 2019 we will be running two trips. The details below are for the October 2019 trip.

    If you want the information for the trip to Mikes Gym in May 2019 click here.

    3 Day Workshop (Fun in the Sun) MARBELLA

    What to expect!

    3 action packed days of fun, sun and training as we take another step towards redefining our impossible! We’ll be doing everything from working as a team to take on the world famous obstacle course, teaching progressions for calisthenics movements such as handstands, human flags and making plenty of time for a lot of play!

    All abilities and levels are welcome. As ever we’ll work with every ‘student’ to ensure you get support, coaching and guidance wherever you are with your training.

    We’ve never been anywhere like Mike’s Gym Marbella before and we’re pretty sure you won’t have either! It’s going to be an unforgettable experience and we can’t to spend these 3 days with you.


    3 Day Workshop (Fun in the Sun) MARBELLA 10

    What people who’ve attended our workshops say;

    “When we first arrived it was like we were seeing family again, everyone was so friendly and it was lovely being around like minded people. The assult course was particularly fun as it was something different but really enjoyed the workshops and continuing to learn more.” – Laura Clark

    “Really loved the workshops and the information. A fantastic experience and amazing location, a great group of people and so much to take away” – Andy Shaw

    “The coaching was excellent and it was a great bunch of people” – Jim Crossley

    “One of the highlights was getting to know Tim and Jacko. I have been a big fan of there’s for a while and they didn’t disappoint. Both incredibly knowledgeable with the right balance of fun, banter and have amazing delivery of the content. I was so inspired and feel so grateful to have been able to come.” – Greg Cornthwaite

    “I am so grateful and thank you so so so much for everything, it wouldn’t be the same without you guys. You make it the most enjoyable and the whole 3 days were amazing” – Gem Hallam

    3 Day Workshop (Fun in the Sun) MARBELLA 13



    Friday 18th October 2019 – Getting to know each other!

    Arrival from 12 noon to check in with the FUN kicking off at 1:00pm

    Session 1 – Movement Preparation (1hr)

    We want to get the journey out of your system and get ready for the first day of activities. In this session we will help you understand how to prepare your body for a training session and apply movement and mobility in a practical setting.

    Session 2 – World Famous Obstacle Course (2hrs)

    It’s time for some team building with the one and only ‘Mike’ on his world famous obstacle course that he built with his own hands… but he’ll make sure you know all about it, “let me tell you something!

    Session 3 – Playtime & Challenges at Ninja Alley 

    Learn how to be a ninja with Tim and Jacko, or at least attempt to be! Ninja alley and the ‘pool rig’ are all yours to explore as part of some playtime and fun challenges.

    Dinner will be followed by average banter from Tim & Jacko. We’ll move seamlessly to small talk over drinks and likely end up googling random and embarrassing photos of Jacko’s ‘previous life’!

    3 Day Workshop (Fun in the Sun) MARBELLA 7


    Saturday 19th October 2019 – Movement Specific Focus

    Breakfast – delicious home prepared healthy start to the day from Mikes’ in house chef.

    Session 1 – Handstand workshop (1.5hrs)

    Whether you’re just starting your hand balancing journey or you’ve been training a while we’ll help you to  improve your strength and control. As coaches Tim and Jacko will meet you where you’re at personally. So if it’s the handstand balance or whether you’re working on strength for the frogstand to handstand, we’ve got your covered.


    Session 2 – Overview of specific movements (1hr)

    Introducing the muscle up, human flag and lever principles we’ll show you how the theory meets practical for the ‘big moves’ you are working towards.

    Lunch  – More amazing food to fuel us for the afternoon sessions!

    Session 3 – Problem solving (2hrs)

    Time to get to work on those ‘big moves’ in your ‘impossible box’. We’ll be on hand to give specific coaching and feedback on the progressions you’re working on as well as taking you through each and every step that you each need.


    Session 4 – Playtime at ninja alley / optional rest!

    Continue to work on your ninja skills or simply chill out at the pool.

    3 Day Workshop (Fun in the Sun) MARBELLA 11


    Sunday 20th October 2019 – Play Day

    More beautiful breakfast before we kick off the final day!

    Session 1 – Strength + Play Workshop (1hr)

    Learn more about having fun and getting strong the School of Calisthenics way with an introduction to some of the ‘play movements’ that build the basics of bodyweight training and bridge the gap to the ‘big moves’!

    Final Session Finisher

    Team session to ‘earn the right to leave’! We’ll all be in this one together, us included. It’ll be a fun workout all together to finish a memorial 3 days!

    Lunch & Farewell

    We wrap up the ‘fun in the sun’ of Marbella with lunch, photos and farewell’s at midday.


    3 Day Workshop // Mike's Gym MARBELLA

    Key timings

    Start – Friday 18th October 2019 at 12 (midday) check in, 1st session starting at 1pm

    End – Sunday 20th October 2019 at 12 (midday) departure after lunch at Mikes Gym.


    What’s included in the price

    • Full accommodation
    • All meals
    • Full access to the entire gym facilities all three days
    • 5 Workshops + coaching sessions (plus 3 playtime sessions)
    • World famous obstacle course session – instructor lead by Mike himself!


    You will need to organise your own travel (flights etc) and transfers, however lots of you are likely to be arriving at a similar time at Malaga airport so once we know who’s coming and when your flights arrive we can help organise groups of transfers (contact Abi with any questions here).

    Extra Nights

    If you are wanting to come early, or leave later than the 3 days we have planned you can contact Mike’s gym directly to book extra nights accommodation. Contact Keely at Mikes Gym directly via email – here.


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