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    Movement, Mobility + Strength Progressions (5 hours) LONDON

    12:00 pm
    Ollie Frost (Mobility Specialist), Jacko, Georgie
    Local Motion, Garratt Lane, London, UK

    £250.00 £225.00

    Full day Midday till 5pm

    Covering all things Movement + Mobility lead by Ollie Frost (Movement Specialists) as well as Calisthenics Strength Progression for things like Handstands, Muscle Up, Human Flags and Levers lead by Jacko and Georgie.

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    In this 5 hour workshop the coaches including Ollie Frost (Movement + Mobility Specialist), Jacko & Georgie from the School of Calisthenics will take you through a series of progression, exercises and drills to help improve your movement, mobility and strength for all your favourite calisthenics movement likes handstands and muscle ups as well as just moving better as an amazing human being!

    Movement, Mobility + Strength Progressions (5 hours) LONDON 1


    Movement and Mobility Progressions

    Ollie will bring to life his Movement + Mobility Masterclass programme from the Virtual Classroom. He will break down each joint of the body with active end range articulations that will increase both flexibility and strength. Following the joint by joint process , Ollie will go through specific isometric and eccentric mobility to increase the bodys capacity to tolerate high demands.
    Ollie will also cover diaphragmatic breathing which will explain and show the importance of breathing and the effectiveness of breath work in relation to movement training.


    Strength Progressions

    During the second half of the workshop you’ll learn how to use your movement and mobility more effectively to develop strength for all your calisthenics movement.

    The coaches will cover strength progressions for handstand development and variations including the Frog to Handstand. Ring + Bar Muscle Ups will be covered highlighting the importance of both mobility and strength to redefine your impossible and get through that ‘tricky transition’!

    Finishing off the workshop with strength progression and principles to be applied in all levers including the icon human flag (side lever).


    Who is the Workshop for?

    This workshop is for available for all levels and abilities. It’s aimed at those who are wishing to learn how to move better, develop an understanding of how to improve joint mobility and the principle and progressions used to develop strength using bodyweight training techniques as part of the School of Calisthenics Framework.


    Movement, Mobility + Strength Progressions (5 hours) LONDON 2


    Here’s what people who’ve attended our workshops had to say;

    “It was awesome! Thank you! Great to learn about the techniques and science behind some very awesome moves!” – Siobhan Cervin

    “Great tips to build strength and made hard movements seem much more achievable” – Hailey Flee

    “Workshop was spot on! Learn and good progressions, with everyone leaving with an achievement and something to work on!” – Chris Pettet


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