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    Muscle Up Training Guide


    We believe this is the most comprehensive muscle up training programme available in the world. No stone has been left unturned in the making of this eBook.

    With over 40 simple to follow video coaching tutorials covering both bar muscle ups and ring muscle ups, if you’ve got a question about muscle ups and it’s not covered in this eBook then perhaps your question wasn’t about muscle ups!


    “I should be able to do that”


    We’ve all been there, you watch someone go to the top of a pull up and pop over the bar. The muscle up looks easy, “I’m good at pull ups, I should be able to do that…” you say.

    But you have a go and it goes from “I should be able to do that” to “why can’t I do that” very quickly!

    But with our help, some hard work and dash of patience, we’ll take the muscle up out of your impossible box together.


    What’s included?

    Over 22,000 words of in depth content with over 100 pages in total!

    40 Video coaching tutorials

    Not just demonstrating how to perform each exercise optimally with perfect form, but teaching you with the key coaching points (coaching cues we’ve developed from our knowledge of sports science and experience as professional strength and conditioning coaches in elite Paralympic sport.)


    Bonus ‘Locker’ videos

    Designed to help accelerate your learning using ‘tools’ to progress or regress any exercise to suit your ability level.

    Example training programmes

    Training programmes and training sessions to start following immediately to help accelerate your starting progress.

    Step-by-step programme writing

    Help in understanding programming and education so you can actually write your own personal, specific training programme

    The muscle up eBook is a 2 for 1, giving you everything you need to redefine your impossible to #GetAboveTheBar or #GetAboveTheRings and graduate in the bar muscle up or ring muscle up… maybe even both!

    We really hope you like this comprehensive muscle up training guide with video coaching tutorials. It’s particularly close to our hearts and hopefully will be to yours too. The content is backed by sports science and our personal experience.

    Example of the video coaching  tutorials…



    It’s time to redefine your impossible!


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