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    Option 1 – Personalised Programme Design

    From: £40.00 / month for 3 months

    Get a 12-week progressive training programme designed to meet your needs and help you redefine your impossible.

    Includes a one-on-one screening call and all exercises explained with video coaching tutorial.

    Two ways to pay. Select Single Payment Option to pay all in one or Monthly Option for split payments.  

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    If a busy life is leaving you unable to construct your own program, or whether you just want one you can trust; signing up for a personalised training programme may be just what you need.

    Our programming is built for a 12-week periodised structure. This is because 12 weeks is a wealth of time to create adaptations in the body. With a goals-directed program, you’ll be progressing over this period towards “redefining your impossible”.

    The initial stage will involve filling in a short, fact-finding questionnaire. All clients will have a one-on-one video call with your coach, to find out some of the nitty-gritty about your current training approach and history. Off the back of this, our coaches will delve into their library of exercises, extensive knowledge and calisthenics coaching experience to compile a program that with adherence, will yield results.

    All programmes come with video coaching linked to all exercises in the programme. The programmes are foolproof and ever so easy to follow. Simply open the program, click on the exercise you need to do, and follow along as your coach walks you through the techniques, explaining the coaching cues as well as dropping the odd knowledge bomb about human movement science!


    PARQ Fact-finding questionnaire

    A one-to-one video screening call

    Personalised 12-week programme to your needs and calisthenics goals

    All exercises in your programme explained via video coaching tutorials

    Need extra support?

    If you find going the journey alone daunting and want an online coach to check in with you using a great coaching tool then purchasing the extra coaching hours in option 2 or 3 is a choice that could make the difference. During ‘school hours’, you’ll be able to ping videos over to your coach, who will be able to send feedback using coaching app CoachNow, an effective tool for online coaching, provide you with interactive live coaching session as well as problem-solving video calls with your coach.

    Two ways to pay. Select Single Payment Option to pay all in one or Monthly Option for split payments.

    See Online Coaching Support Option 2 or Option 3

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