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    Option 2 – Personalised Programme and 4 Hours Coach Support

    From: £120.00 / month for 3 months

    Two ways to pay. Select Single Payment Option to pay all in one or Monthly Option for split payments.  



    What could you achieve if you had your own personalized training program and the support of the coach throughout the 12 week programme?

    We’ve been coaching virtually all our lives so we know how important a coach is to the success of an athlete or student.

    Having a 12 week plan or programme is a great starting point but often the level of success comes from the adherence to the programme and the support of a coach to problem solve along the way.

    Option 2 of our Online Coaching provides you with the 12 week personalised programme designed (as per Option 1) plus the support of your coach throughout your programme. You’ll receive 4 hours of coach contact time, after the initial set up where you’ll get personal feedback through video analysis and feedback. You’ll be able to interact with your coach video feedback sessions, Video problem solving sessions as well as live 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

    The initial stage involves filling in a short, fact finding questionnaire. All clients will have a 1-1 Video Call with your coach, to find out some of the nitty-gritty about your current training regimen and history. Off the back of this, our coaches will delve into their library of exercises and extensive knowledge Calisthenics coaching experience to compile a program that with adherence, will yield results.

    All programs come with video coaching, linked to all exercises in the program itself. The programs are foolproof, and ever so easy to follow. Simply open the program, click on the exercise you need to do, and follow along as your coaches walk you through the techniques, explaining the coaching cues as well as dropping the odd knowledge bomb about human movement science!



    PARQ Fact finding questionnaire

    1-to-1 video screening call

    Personalised 12 week programme to your needs and calisthenics goals

    All exercises in your programme explained via video coaching tutorials

    4 hours of coaching support spread across the following coaching features;

    – Video feedback and expert analysis

    – Send your Coach videos and feed off their 1-1 expert advice

    – Extra Video support if needed for problem solving

    – Live Coaching Sessions – These Live sessions give you the opportunity to work 1-1 from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


    Stephen Morton – Online Coaching Student

    “The guys from the school popped up on my facebook feed showcasing some amazingly cool looking moves that I instantly dismissed as impossible for me. I went back to the same old gym routines, but suddenly lifting a bar up and down didnt seem as appealing so I dived into the wonderful world of calisthenics. Thanks to the personalised programme and the online coaching support under the expert eye of Seth, I am seeing real results and doing things I thought I was too old and not strong enough to start doing! Most importantly I am enjoying and relishing my training like never before, my mental and physical wellbeing is the best it has ever been and for this I cannot thank you enough!

    Here’s Stephen redefining his impossible of the bar muscle up after only 4 weeks of his personalised programme and online coaching with Seth!


    *Online coaching hours must be used within the 12 week period of the programme plan, starting from the date you receive your personalised programme from your coach. It’s your responsibility to ensure you utilise the coaching hours as part of your online coaching package before the end of your 12 week period. Coaching hours cannot be carried over towards any new online coaching packages.


    Two ways to pay. Select Single Payment Option to pay all in one or Monthly Option for split payments.  

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