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    Handstand Strength Edition


    This handstand strength guide is an eBook with video tutorials to follow as part of our structured framework of how we teach and coach the frog to handstand.

    What about the virtual classroom?

    We believe that a community which supports and encourages each other is an essential part of a successful journey towards any new goals, particularly when learning something new like the frog to handstand. In the Virtual Classroom you’ll not only find the video tutorials to help explain and coach the exercises but also a week by week plan to follow, assessments to track progress and problem solving solutions along the way and you’ll become a member of the supportive community all striving to redefine their impossible.

    Every classroom is a full course that focuses on different movements like frog to handstand, muscle ups an human flags but as a member you get access to every single class and course, every workout, all the new challenges, live webinars and exclusive discounts too. All of it for just £25 per month.

    The price of this eBook could get you two months (2 x £25) online learning membership into to Virtual Classroom (cancel anytime, no contract)



    We both started as old, retired and broken ex-rugby players. No gymnastics and no handstand experience what so ever. So, we’ve been on the journey you’re about to embark on and we want to take you from zero to handstand hero!

    Learn from our mistakes and our passion for redefining our impossible, so we can help you redefine yours.

    Inside the 63 page eBook you’ll find;

    Over 10,000 words of educational content

    Video Guides
    32 Video coaching tutorials

    Not just demonstrating how to perform each exercise optimally with perfect form, but teaching you with the key coaching points (coaching cues we’ve developed from our knowledge of sports science and experience as professional strength and conditioning coaches in elite Paralympic sport).

    Bonus ‘Locker’ videos

    Designed to help accelerate your learning using ‘tools’ to progress or regress any exercise to suit your ability level.

    4 Example training plans

    Programmes to follow straight away to kick-start your handstand journey

    Step-by-step additional ‘programming’ chapter

    Education to help you write an individual training program specific to you, your needs and your goals, including a step-by-step, easy to follow process.

    Strength building tips

    Going from the frogstand to handstand isn’t easy, but we’ve got the tips to accelerate your strength development

    Ideal for those who’ve already downloaded our Beginners handstand guide and want to improve their handstand strength for pushing out of a frogstand and ultimately handstand push ups.

    We trust you’ll love this one as much as we do and you can trust the content as it’s backed by both sports science and experience. We’ve put our heart, soul and everything we’ve ever learnt about handstands into this training guide and video coaching tutorials! We look forward to helping you on your handstand journey.


    Here an examples of the video coaching tutorials…


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